WLIFW Spring 09: Manish Arora

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  1. I do love Manish Arora 🙂
    mostly editorial of course…but I do see a few things Carrie Bradshaw would wear (I am, of course, a Carrie)

  2. K I’m not this huge style or fashion expert but I’m having major difficulty figuring out indian designers; style in comparison to the way western designers do things. For these shows.. are the outfits supposed to be couture collections or ready to wear collections? Clearly this is a couture collection and I think it’s a great collection.. I can clearly see where he’s headed this spring and what his spring collection is all about.. but I can’t say the same with a lot of the others. I can’t tell if the others are attempts at couture collections but not quite reaching, or if those are supposed to be ready to wear. Also I don’t see clear thoughts from a lot of the other designers. They seem to be all over the place. Manish’s collection seems well thought out and I’m excited to get something from his collection this spring.

  3. Agree w/ Lux, re: how indian designers go about ideating… None of them have a single thread that goes through them that says “one collection”… Have these fashion weeks been for Winter, Summer,couture,pret, resort, what? I can’t make out at all…

  4. by the way his collection in Europe and the middle east is sold out every single season, so much for “one collection”, its about the overall sale of the product and what sells…sells

  5. Janice Dickinson said on her reality show about her modeling agency as she did a photo shoot for Halloween [it was like a creepy circus theme] that the reason she loves high fashion is because it’s all about fantasy… so I suppose in that sense, it works.

  6. I hope you guys realise that apart from being featured in international editorials and covers modelled by none other than Kate Moss, Manish has a huge fan following in India and abroad who actually wear his clothes. Besides his clothes are not for the dull hearted.


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