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Unforgettable Or Forgettable?

Aishwarya and Preity attended the press meet of the Unforgettable Tour looking quite tired and worn..(Hopefully, it is from practicing their dance routines for their tour! I better get my money’s worth!)

Aishwarya’s blazer was very blah and Preity reminded me quite a bit of Twinkle from her appearance at the HDIL Indian Oaks event…

What say you about these two? Unforgettable or very forgettable?

P.S. And, yes that is a red Birkin on Preity! 😉

Preity Zinta



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The Long And Short Of It

Aishwarya @ Unforgettable Press Conference

First it was Aishwarya Rai, and now spotted Natasha Poonawalla in a Shahab Durazi for a feature in ‘Beautiful People’ magazine… What surprises me is why the sudden emergence of a collection that was done in 2002?

Natasha Poonawalla For ‘Beautiful People’ Magazine
Shahab Durazi, 02

Source, Source, Source

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In Shahab Durazi.

We finally found out that not only was Aishwarya wearing a Shahab Durazi gown on day two of IIFA, her black sari and black dress were also Shahab Durazi creations.

We couldn’t find runway pics of the sari or the gown but we did find some variations of the dress she wore to the press conference.

Thanks “étoile” for the tip about the gown!

P.S. Why is there a black ribbon on that gown! So unnecessary!

Aishwaya @ “Sarkar Raj” Premiere
Aiswarya @ IIFA Fashion Extravaganza

Aishwarya @ Unforgettable Press Conference
shahab2.jpg shahab1.jpg

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After The (Cannes) Sun Sets..

..and the stylists and international labels have moved on, out comes a person’s true style quotient. One look at these two, and it is quite obvious who has it and who doesn’t! 😉

Preity @ IPL Dinner
Aishwarya @ Sarkar Raj Music Launch

Source and Source

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Ten How Much?

So, its being reported that Aishwarya’s Gucci shades in Sarkar Raj cost a whopping Rs ten lakhs!


But if the Gucci shades in question are the ones above, then we found the pair and it doesn’t cost ten lakhs, but more like in the region of ten thousand rupees. And, you can Buy the shades via Neiman Marcus.


(P.S: Thanks Reema for pointing us to the story)


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