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An Enviable Collection

Love the Knot. And loving all three of them here. Which of Surily’s Bottega Veneta Knot collection is your favorite?

surily-goel-gold-bottega-veneta-knot-clutch.jpg surily-goel-metallic-bottega-veneta-knot-kenzo-launch.jpg

Left To Right: At Gucci Launch, At Kenzo Store Launch, At IPL Dinner

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Chain Style..

A great way to spruce up a look is wearing a chain belt.. Surily went the minimalist route while Sophie over accessorized.

Which look did you prefer?

Surily @ IPL Dinner
Sophie @ Teen Diva Awards


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After The (Cannes) Sun Sets..

..and the stylists and international labels have moved on, out comes a person’s true style quotient. One look at these two, and it is quite obvious who has it and who doesn’t! 😉

Preity @ IPL Dinner
Aishwarya @ Sarkar Raj Music Launch

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