Color Clash Or Color Match?

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While we loved Twinkle’s clash of colors, we did not quite enjoy the matchy colors exhibited by Preeti. What about you?

Twinkle Khanna

Preeti Jhangiani


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  1. yeah this much matching is never good. especially when we’re talking lime green. jeez and did she forget to blow dry her hair or is that supposed to be a look?

    twinkle on the other hand surprisingly looks decent. although we have the matching couple thing going on. in this case they get away with it because akshay’s look is so effortless.

    p.s. love her bag. where to get ms fashionistas?

  2. Pri,
    not so sure..

    if you are looking for a similar shape though.. try the kate spade quinn or london series…

    will update once i know for sure what bag it is!

  3. thank you! was wondering what twinkle’s bag is too 🙂 that tag thingy hanging down made me think it’s a Hermes model… yeah Preeti is ghastly in all that green

  4. thanks!! was wondering about the bag, as well. twinkle does look good – she sports a look thats very put together and at the same time looks pretty effortless. preeti, on the other hand, looks like she had an attack of nerves and looks completely frazzled.
    Love your blog! Still digging through the archives. Great work!!

  5. i’m sorry…we were meant to be judging the ladies…but i couldnt take my eyes off Twinkle’s gorgeous handbag…aka AKKI!!! 😛


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