Unforgettable Or Forgettable?

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Aishwarya and Preity attended the press meet of the Unforgettable Tour looking quite tired and worn..(Hopefully, it is from practicing their dance routines for their tour! I better get my money’s worth!)

Aishwarya’s blazer was very blah and Preity reminded me quite a bit of Twinkle from her appearance at the HDIL Indian Oaks event…

What say you about these two? Unforgettable or very forgettable?

P.S. And, yes that is a red Birkin on Preity! πŸ˜‰

Preity Zinta



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  1. well…Preity looks better than Ash (although I wish she would have worn a skirt or dress or something
    I CAN”T WAIT to see this…I love all of he people on it (esp in the US)

    as a side not, in an industry notorious for unfriendly competition between actresses (for which they can blame no one but themselves) I LOVE that Ash and Preity are actually friends πŸ™‚

  2. I’ll give Aish a break. She is still recovering from a severe case of German measles and this is her first public appearance since being ill. I guess she was not in the mood to dress up.

    They both look lovely and casual although I don’t like Aish’s jacket or Preity’s vest.

  3. i like preitys outfit, nothing spectacular but i am beginning to hate aish’s jacket. Her hair, makeup all looks sort of blah

  4. I know that the women are the ones being discussed here…but, damn..can someone pay a little attention to Amitabh and his ever-present desire to be some ‘young bachelor’? :/ Check out the jacket and the shades–was it sunny inside or something? I’m so disappointed that he can’t just seem to age gracefully..and instead is busy rummaging through Hrithik Roshan’s closet in between being a dutiful husband to Aishwarya. I swear….I’m really digging how Bollywood is becoming so mainstream in America..you know what’s next on that path? Well..it’s going to be Amitabh featured on Dr. 90210. :/

  5. wow….love THE bag!!! and p.zinta’s lookin kinda oooold…still she has THE bag…waht can i say huh? and aishwarya looks too shoulder-wide for some reason….

  6. Don’t like their outfits, but there’s one common thing I like about them besides their friendship is that, so far I have seen their nails short and neat. A little long is fine but I am not fond of extra long nails or french manicures.

  7. i agree with “nepali” about the nails.

    i saw preity once at an event and her face was extremely wide and it didn’t look nice. she looks much better on the screen.

  8. Preity looks good albeit pale, a little lip colour would have made a difference.
    Ash looks gorgeous but am i the only one who thinks theres a little too much going on ie. tight curls and full face make up?

  9. Okie, P&P, I love you guys, but I have to say this:
    there are three perfectly ‘commentable’ men in the same event, with photographs…I’d love to talk about, say, amitabh’s funny reflectors or abhishek’s white jacket. there’re way too many blogs and publications making only women’s bodies and fashion choices the object of constant scrutiny, let’s equalize the field, eh? πŸ™‚

  10. aish looks like benazir bhutto in this photograph…preity looks preety …outfits nothing fancy but i guess we can’t see them in those chanels and versaces all the time

  11. Preeti looks better IMO. Ash’s clothes are too stiff for the occasion.
    Preeti is so short compared to Aish and Aish is only 5.6, that makes Preeti really tiny but maybe Ash has got heels and Preeti is in flats or something.
    I agree completely with Nepali about nails, thank God for some decent nails.

  12. isn’t ash’s jacket too short? by stopping where it does, it emphasises the breadth of her hips. both ash and preity look completely zonked. and both seem to show excess weight first in the face…

  13. maybe they were just overworked..and as someone said, Ash is recovering from sickness. and maybe Preity’s been a workaholic…so she’s tired?

    They look good.

    But pray tell me…WHY is Amitabh wearing jeans with ZIPPERS on the thigh?!
    Yeh…i agree, BigB should stop searching Hrithik’s wardrobe…hehe…old-life crisis?

    and @chevalair…man, women are so much more interesting! hehehe


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