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In Shahab Durazi.

We finally found out that not only was Aishwarya wearing a Shahab Durazi gown on day two of IIFA, her black sari and black dress were also Shahab Durazi creations.

We couldn’t find runway pics of the sari or the gown but we did find some variations of the dress she wore to the press conference.

Thanks “étoile” for the tip about the gown!

P.S. Why is there a black ribbon on that gown! So unnecessary!

Aishwaya @ “Sarkar Raj” Premiere
Aiswarya @ IIFA Fashion Extravaganza

Aishwarya @ Unforgettable Press Conference
shahab2.jpg shahab1.jpg

Source, Source and Source

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Not So Green!

One look at Jaya at the IIFA press conference and I already started getting bad memories of Cannes, but she did put some effort and looked quite nice at the premiere of “Sarkar Raj”…

IIFA 2008 Press Conference
“Sarkar Raj” Premiere @ IIFA 2008

P.S This right pic would make for a great “caption this” post! Wouldn’t it?? 😉

Edit: Switched Pics..

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Black Beauty

IIFA 2008 is well under way and here is a first look of Aishwarya and Abhishek at the “Sarkar Raj” Premiere. Who likes?

I am loving the work on the sari!

ashiifa.jpg ashiifa1.jpg

Abhishek & Aishwarya at the “Sarkar Raj” Premiere at IIFA 2008


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