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Oh No! She Didn’t!

Oh, she soooo did!

We are talking about Deepika, who it seems wore a gown from her movie “Bachna Ae Haseeno” to the green carpet of IIFA 2008! (Check out the trailer to see it- pay special attention about 25 seconds into it and then again at about the 48th sec!)

Now, we have seen Rani wear the same dress from her movie and Shriya and Diya wear their looks on the runway but then their excuse is that they were promoting their movie. We never heard that these two (Deepika and Ranbir) were at the event to promote their movie, which is why this whole episode is quite funny!

Thanks “Sunaina” and “Saudamini” for pointing this to us!

Deepika Padukone

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The Long And Short Of It

Aishwarya @ Unforgettable Press Conference

First it was Aishwarya Rai, and now spotted Natasha Poonawalla in a Shahab Durazi for a feature in ‘Beautiful People’ magazine… What surprises me is why the sudden emergence of a collection that was done in 2002?

Natasha Poonawalla For ‘Beautiful People’ Magazine
Shahab Durazi, 02

Source, Source, Source

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From Reel To Runway

The cast of “Mission Istanbul” and “Acid Factory” walked the runway at IIFA wearing looks from the movie and while we have already seen Dia’s look on the poster, here is a first look of Shriya’s dress featured in the song “Jo Gumshuda”.

I am not liking how bright the red of Dia’s gown actually is. I prefered the deep red in the poster…

Shriya on Runway
Shriya Saran In ‘Mission Istanbul’

Dia on Runway
Dia in “Acid Factory’ Poster

Source, Source, Source, and Source

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In Shahab Durazi.

We finally found out that not only was Aishwarya wearing a Shahab Durazi gown on day two of IIFA, her black sari and black dress were also Shahab Durazi creations.

We couldn’t find runway pics of the sari or the gown but we did find some variations of the dress she wore to the press conference.

Thanks “étoile” for the tip about the gown!

P.S. Why is there a black ribbon on that gown! So unnecessary!

Aishwaya @ “Sarkar Raj” Premiere
Aiswarya @ IIFA Fashion Extravaganza

Aishwarya @ Unforgettable Press Conference
shahab2.jpg shahab1.jpg

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The Two Avatars

Its funny how much more demure and ‘propah’ Ms Chaudhary looks in her LBD compared to that sari…!!

At IIFA Awards 2008
At IIFA Fashion Extravaganza 2008


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