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    Agree with you!

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    totally..the big is obscenly large

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    is that really katie holmes….oh man…she looks so old man…i rememeber seeing her in Dawsons creek…..i know its been while but here she looks like grandma……

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    maybe it’s how she carries baby suri around.

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    @ pri
    exactly my thoughts.
    And this may be the latest trend in hollywood…who knows… with just about everyone having babies.

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    kp..i dont think katie looks old…its just the look she is sporting
    Katie’s bad is HUGE..but hey….when u have the money…fault it!! enjoy!!

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    I’ll go for Katie Holmes as I always adore Katie’s way of dressing and the way she combined her bags in her different attire

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    ROFL…what WAS that?! looks like shes packed all her house in that bag!

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    It”s The original Hermes Birkin Created for Jane Birkin, It’s Called A Hermes HAC. And Yes, Its HUGE!

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