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Back from Dubai after attending an event, Kiara arrived in Mumbai early Monday morning and what caught my eye was her Loewe Paseo tote. Like the bag?

Kiara Advani with Loewe Paseo Bag



Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Need Education pls
    What are some of the attributes other than the price tag found in a designer bag that one wouldn’t find In a very good quality non designer bag?
    Why do ppl spend on designer bags?
    If there was no label is there a way to tell ?

    • The answer is No

      There is nothing to em other than the price tag. If they are vintage, you could get big bucks for it after 50 or hundred years otherwise they are just overpriced garbage.

    • The price tag originally was high because of the high quality material used and the attention to detail that was done because they were hand made. Nowadays, every luxury label increases prices every year (because they want to separate themselves from the other labels). Whether the current pricing of these luxury bags justifies it is debatable. Spending money on anything is a personal choice whether it be on bags, jewellery, cars, whatever. Be financially independent and fiscally responsible. At the end of the day buy something because you like it not get caught up with the someone else has it.

    • Why do people spend on designer bags – their earnings relative to the prices of these bags could also be a factor – where I might think 150 or 200 dollars is a splurge for someone else that might be spending 2-3000k.

      Some genuinely get good use out of their designer bags – for example Kareena and Karisma often carry their Birkins…


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