Kangana Ranaut On Grazia India: (Un)Covered


Grazia India has Kangana in a Fall 2009 Dolce and Gabbana ‘Marilyn Monroe’ dress on their August 2009 issue. And I love it.

I love the whole contrast of it… how the kitschy print plays of the severity of the silhouette. The bee-hive hair, the strong lips and the hemline respectably skimming the knees scream sexy secretary until you notice the Marylin print and the dramatic shrug… and that just gives it the ‘edge’. Not a fan of the shrug but on the cover it works perfectly.

I loved this collection so it makes me very happy to see it on someone off the runway, even if it’s on a cover.

On an aside though, aren’t y’all tired of the same ole’ angry model pose? The serious face, the ‘turn-you-into-stone stare’ and hands on the hips…?


Left: Dolce and Gabbana, Fall 2009
Right: Kangana Ranaut on Grazia India Aug 2009

Photo Credit: Grazia India, Style


  1. finally high fashion!!!!!!!!! Not a faux pretend trying to play catch up with the fashion forward cover! Nice work Grazia…and yes the pose, stance and clothes all work together.

  2. This ssems to be inspired by recent Lindsay Lohan shoot where she wore dresses with Marylin MOnroe print on it.. and its so photo shoped.. this pic doesnt even look like kangana

  3. I don’t know why models need to be so stone face anyways all the time! LOL! But ya I can hardly recognize Kangana! She is another one who looks different in different pictures! I can barely recognize her in some w/o make-up pics I saw of her! She is completely different! Anyhow the cover is pretty good though I like it.

  4. WOW!! Now this is one cover that stands apart from the rest..it looks like a fashion magazine cover finally!!! This girl has come a long way…

  5. Everything about this cover just WORKS!!! I love it…..she has kept it edgy and effortless. I dont mind the angry face….it adds to the statement here.
    BUT…..i just couldnt recognise kangana at the first glance. :O

  6. Well that does look like Kangana to me, i don’t think she looks that different to be unrecognisable.. and yeah she looks fab as always..

  7. An obvious angry look, with effort showing, does not read hot or sexy. This is not attitude, which comes from inside-not from an aped expression. apart from that, she is looking nice.


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