A Slob Story

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Two relatively formal affairs where almost everyone was dressed to the nines… everyone except Sohail Khan!!

Flip-flops Mr. Khan? Really? Only one word comes to mind, ‘Slob‘!

P.S: Is this a look reserved for all 25 year anniversary parties? 😛


Left: At Percept Pictures’ 25th Anniversary Bash
Right: At Ramesh Taurani’s 25th Wedding Anniversary Party

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. If it was my party and someone came dressed like Sohail, I’d definitely tell them to go home and change. It’s disrespectful to the host!!! Isn’t his wife a fashion designer or something like that?!

  2. He is into event organizing – so was he the party organizer if his company organizes parties too? I f so, it makes sense if he was working hard at the event …

  3. Oh for the days when men dressed as men… I’m not asking for Clark Gable, but is a smart shirt and pants and decent shoes too much?


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