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  1. Anonymous at | | Reply

    Is that a real snake skin bag? I hope not, that is the most environmentally unfreindly thing ANYBODY can do.

  2. Neeku at | | Reply

    some how not much fan of hobos

  3. Rashmi at | | Reply

    Don’t you guys agree that plus size women should NOT wear satin especially the lighter colored ones? Neetu Singh is such a beautiful lady and she would’ve looked much better in a black top. I’m a big fan of Rishi Kapoor and I think he seriously needs to shed some weight otherwise i’m afraid he’ll have major problems with his health. I hope he’ll realize this sooner than later.

  4. Anonymous at | | Reply

    umm..I don’t think Neetu Singh is plus size from any angle..I think she could have chosen a color (for the top) that would have suited her skin tone more..but definitely doesn’t have anything to do with her weight!

  5. Anonymous at | | Reply

    Neetu Singh is not Plus size. She actually has a great figure – recently saw her on sone dance reality show and she was looking great. I think Satin blouses that hang just suck.

    I agree the bag and the blouse is not working together!

  6. Payal at | | Reply

    I have to agree, Neetu is not plus size, unless Rashmi you were talking about Rishi! ;)

    Blame the satin! Didn’t look good on Neetu at all!

  7. Rashmi at | | Reply

    I’m sorry guys my bad. I thought plus sized are those who are not slim but then again slim can also be very subjective…anyways ok i agree Neetu is not plus size but she’s not thin either. so what i meant is satin is only for those who are thinner than neetu singh.

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  9. Anonymous at | | Reply

    Plus size is US size 14 and up, I think! She probably is an 8 which is not necessarily small but also not medium.

  10. Never Mind!! at | | Reply

    Considering I have a major phobia of any kind of reptile, these bags dont do much for me. I would never even dare to touch them :(

  11. Nepali at | | Reply

    Both the bag and shirt are shiny, and the combination of bag, shirt and lipstick is dull. The colour and fabric of the shirt should have been different.

  12. sherry at | | Reply

    about neetu’s shirt…the high collar did nothing for her beautiful face. and to add salt to injury, the collective stitching on either sides is very unflattering for big busted women. to top that, like rashmi said, satin is for thinner femmes. so all n’ all neetu should have worn something that did not overpower her good looks.
    as for the bag, not a fan of animal prints, especially in lighter colors. and if thats real snake skin…..not at all in my taste!

  13. Anonymous at | | Reply

    thats real snakeskin, python to be precise and its called an exotic bag, they are really expensive and thats one of the reasons why its the darling of the rich and famous more like a status symbol, they will touch anything(snake, croc, lizard) provided they know the bourgouis cannot touch it(moneywise), rich snobs should spare those poor wriggling creatures and learn a lesson or two on frugal living from Warren Buffet

  14. sherry at | | Reply

    sad……about the snakeskin that is…

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