An Exercise In Understatement- Almost

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Raageshwari off-late has been spotted dressing rather understated which cannot really be faulted!! Between designer-couture shimmer and street-side bling, its always good to see someone who wears her style with simplicity and elegance.

But who said it was a perfect world?

Anyone notice the blouse of choice at the Yami awards? Now, why do they go ruining a good thing?

At Police Diwali Mela

At Yami Awards

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  1. this is a perfect example of less is more. the clothes by themselves aren’t great designs but she makes it happen. cant think of anyone making that simple white look so good. it didn’t hurt to accent the look with minimal yet bold jewelery either. but just when everything was going right she kills it with those colorful bobbles on her sleeves.

  2. She looks good. Less is more, she just proved it. Kudos to her, and the blouse aint that bad, she just decided to add a touch of whimsy and have a bit of fun….and surely we have not all lost our sense of humour about fashion and cannot possibly take fashion THAT seriously.

  3. My god is that Raageshwari for sure? what’s up with her and Neelam? They still look like they’re in their twenties!! my goodness i can’t believe it! i remember back in high school i used to religiously watch BPL OYE the song countdown show that she used to host so superbly.

    I loved both the saaris and the jewelry. the blouse on the right takes away the attention from the ensemble thus making you think, oh she shouldn’t have worn it. she looks really nice in the pic on the left.


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