1. floral…animal prints should be kept to the minimum…like shoes or bag. unless ur the hottest thing on the planet and thus, can pull it off

  2. I second Surbhi’s opinion. Im favoring the animal print for the same reason. The girl in floral print is soo pretty!! She reminds me of Priyanka Chopra.

  3. OMG, i have a maxi in the same design and cloth as parvathi’s…. and this i picked from Sarojini Nagar street shops for like, 200 bucks!

    wonder where she got hers from….

  4. Achla is in her 40’s and Parvathy about 23 years younger. Keeping that in mind I think she looks fab, dont like brown, but Parvathy looks prettier becos it is more flattering colour.

  5. Parvathy’s the new Miss India? She looks exactly like Priyanka… but not as cute (yet, anyway).

    I pick the floral, it has potential-ish.

  6. Parvathy does hav a gorgeous mane,she won miss beautiful hair at Miss India(miss india’s these days bore me) this year,for those of you who thinks she’s not pretty u’ll be glad to know dat this is how she looks like after a nose-job(her old nose was huge enuf to clog a drain..)

  7. I personally like the animal print (it honestly does not too much like an animal print) and I somehow am not too much for florals..its just a matter of personal taste…and my honest opinion is that parvathy is a very average looking Miss India…ofcourse she is better look than most of us probably, but still a far cry from a beauty contest winner!

  8. omg i mistook Parvathy Omanakuttan for praiyanka for a second and arghhhhhh! disgusting dresses! what were they thinking!? they look so cheap!


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