1. Iono wats wrong with Sophie bt everything she wears looks so trashy………Nina looks so much betta,kinda reminds me of Priyanka@Iifa 2008 bt still hot!!

  2. both are nice colours and would have looked great on either one, but i think nina chose the one that best shoed off her skin colour. just wish she hadn’t matched the lipstick!

  3. Absolutely the fucshia (magenta?) one. I don’t like that blue and don’t like to wear that color. I usually go for either the lightest blues or the deeper more muted tones of it.

  4. the COLOUR i would like is the marron/purple/burgendy/fuschia/magenta one. but the fit and hair is wrong for nina.

    and lol how funny, one colour has so many versions. hehehe


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