Skirty Issues

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It is quite an improvement over the last one, but still not liking it.




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  1. This girl just dosen’t do anything for’s almost like she has all the right ‘individual’ features: great eyes, great figure, great hair, skin…but then you put it all together, throw a cake-party on her face and what do you get? Something that just looks older than her years and drowning in makeup.

  2. @K….if this is an event for K Company, she was in that item gana, “speaker baje” thats about it i think.

    @not a sheep…. man, if u look at her closely…her hair is def. not healthy. i tend to judge ppl a lot on how healthy their hair is. weird i know. lol

    never liked her, when i didnt know she existed, but was randomly watchin her miss universe try out….she looked BAD!

  3. The t-shirt looks like it was taken from a lil’ girl. You are grown woman! Dress appropriately! The skirt is alright. Tusshar looks nice. He looks better in casual clothes to me.

    There is nothing special about this woman. She is beautiful with nice features but I think with the colored contacts and tons of makeup, she just becomes blah! My biggest complaint is she CANT act!!!

  4. Sad but true. She has great features but put them together and she looks a bit too sharp and old to me. She should try softening her look with clothes or makeup.

  5. they are not, she has light eyes but wears hideous contact lenses. she is a lovely girl, with very little talent…and obviously does not know how to dress for an occasion

  6. The girl needs a new hairstyle,i’ve been seeing her in that same old limpy hair since i hit puberty(cutting 2cms is not doing sumtin new Celina)……..she obviously doesnt kno how 2 do her make up either,its oily,doesnt match her skintone and all the body parts(including her face) that are showing are of different colours………and plz sumbody tell her to get rid of those contact lenses,ur not fooling ne1 girl…….

  7. I was about to type the first thing that sprang to my mind when i spotted Celina in these pictures, but Anita’s comment beat me to it…nonetheless…
    here’s what came to my mind..”Ta da da dum, Ta da da dum,…The Addams Family.
    Now Celina just needs to wait for the Indian version…and for once she will be the best suited actor to play Morticia Addam!

  8. seriously she needs to lighten up on all the makeup! Even if she has bad skin, I say let some minor flaws in the skin shine through rather than cake on layers of makeup (speaking fro personal experience — i have acne scars too)…and the eye makeup she does is the SAME everytime…OD on kohl and light color lenses! I actually like the boho style skirt she has on here…just wish she would have gone for some soft waves in her hair and fresh looking makeup!

  9. The boho Skirt and shrunken tee is not all bad, but really its an outfit only hang out in. Not an “occasion” look.

    LOLOLOL Morticia Addams is right @ makeup, lenses and uber black hair.

  10. Skirt is nice, I like. Tee is nice with a different outfit :) But her makeup, good heavens! Her features look so hard (for lack of a better description), she almost looks like a dude with makeup!!!

  11. Scary and I mean SCARY OMG MY HEART JUST STOPPED SCARY eyes, cute skirt, dismal tee. P&P please let’s look at some chicks who don’t make me this depressed. I’m all *Sigh, what’s wrong with these people and why all the no personality people everywhere* It’s ultra-manic-insanely-depressing.


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