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Are you recovered from Cannes red carpet yet? We have, even if for the most part it left us generally meh. If there was one thing that stood out to us, it was the sheer number of white-toned gowns we saw during the film festival.

White is a great pick since it tends to really pop on the red carpet, and when done well, it’s high on impact. But on the flip-side, flaws seem exaggerated too. All said and done, Diana in her Amit Aggarwal sari was our favorite for toeing the ‘sari-but-contemporary’ line well. A close second was Sonam whose tuxedo was definitely high on impact, it’s a pity then that the fit on those pants let her down (see what we said about the flaws).

How did you think our tinsel town ladies fared? Have a favorite?

Deepika Padukone In Dundas

Diana In Amit Aggarwal & Huma In Gaurav Gupta

Aishwarya Rai In Ashi Studio & Sonam Kapoor In Ralph & Russo

Priyanka Chopra In Georges Hobeika & Kangana Ranaut In Maticevski

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  1. In some of her outfits it appears that Deepika feels compelled to act like a prop for exaggerated, dramatic clothes, because of her tall frame. She picks these huge trains, giant sleeves etc. Instead if she showed up wearing a simple, close fitting, risque, evening dress that lets her natural beauty shine, it would be a show stopper.

  2. This years Cannes’ red carpet was very underwhelming overall. Diana was my favorite from our industry. Even in the above list for “Whites on red carpet”, Diana is my favorite followed by Sonam’s pant suit. How come everyone had the same idea of wearing white to Cannes’ this year? I was most disappointed by Aishwarya. Cannes’ has always been her favorite red carpet and thats the only place where her appearances are noteworthy. But this year both her red carpet appearances left me totally disappointed.

  3. I’d love a set of videos showing what happens after the red carpet pose. Does a small army of helpers rush forth to carry the train and help them, or do they stoop and toss the train over one arm and walk away? how do they sit in the theatre – do they get extra seats to hold all the yardage of cloth? how do people behind them see the screen when they wear the weird bows and suchlike? Please, someone, put me out of my misery and tell me

  4. Are people seriously blind or just taking the mickey out of the poll by voting Aishwarya as looking best in white? She looked horrendous in pretty much every outfit she wore at Cannes!


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