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Sara Ali Khan stepped out wearing a mask (as one should), and what happened to catch our eye was her Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla mask. Guess we are now IDing masks, who would’ve thunk?! Now, this would be a good place to ask- How do you feel about designer masks (and very often the price tag it comes with)?

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Vadde log, vaddi vaddi baatein.
    As long as it serves the purpose, even a Rs 50 mask does it.
    We have seen Indian women wrap dupattas around their faces in the hot summers and as a pollution guard since ages! Celebrities have the money and access to designer masks. Chalo theek hai.

  2. Same thing we feel about designer anything. So much for her no-name suits. Aek mask kay daam mein kitnay kapday silwaa liyeh hotay, mohtarmaah?

  3. Unless it’s an N95, then there’s not much protection these masks offer if you don’t maintain very good social distancing and sanitize well.
    These masks give you temporary protection to ensure you don’t transfer anything via your nose or mouth.
    Might as well spend the money on a good N95 mask than these designer ones.

  4. Unless designers are charging max 90%higher the market cost (10?) a mask, I don’t care. I’m interested in knowing what’s it being priced as.. once it’s designer it’s ransom.

    Also not an opportunity for designers to cash on. Next you know they’ll design thermal detectors for stars, ppes, immunity kits ?

  5. Same as other designer stuffs. If we feel its wrong for masks to come with such an absurd price tags, then it is also wrong for their rest of thier clothes come with absurd price tags. Having said that after this pandemic, I personally feel like its so wrong to spend lavishly just in the name of brand. Just a personal opinion though. It might change along with time and I might go back to having previous opinion.

  6. Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their lives to this virus and we are talking about designer masks??? We are propagating Bollywood’s silliness by giving space to this kind of mindless discussion on a serious topic. Wear a mask (affordable masks are easily available) or a humble gamcha/dupatta when stepping out. Sanitize. And stay home as much as possible.

    Bollywood designers can keep their fancy overpriced masks for starlets who can’t live without their daily dose of publicity.

    Rant over.

  7. Out of principle, I hope you won’t continue to ID designer masks. Covid affects poor people disproportionately – it’s vulgar and tasteless for celebs and designers to pitch masks as a luxury commodity. I can’t imagine that someone with the best education daddy’s money could buy at an elite Ivy college, would not realize how this is the antithesis of being socially responsible and progressive. (Caveat: my comment is moot if the designers are selling the masks at similar cloth masks price point and not inflated for luxury signalling).

  8. I feel, now this is too much.. MASK from designer brand..really. These designers will never wish corona to go away then.. its one of their products now. Designer brand clothes and shoes is different thing, even jewellary but mask.. i do not buy it. In US, I have seen people wearing same masks as clothes or fancy colorful masks but I do not think they are like “brand” masks. Then there is covid-19 store open somewhere…phew..
    And now with this, all my love and appreciation for her is gone. I know she is not good actor but i loved her calm, her dressing.
    Guess covid has made us all crazy.


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