For a recent spot of travel, Sonam picked separates by The Third Floor Clothing to wear. Silver earrings, bright lip color, Retrosuperfuture glasses, Hermès bag and pair of Céline oxfords.

What do you make of the look? Like what you see?

Sonam Kapoor

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Somewhere along the way she seems to have lost it. Every look for the past few months have just been mind boggling. I can’t recollect one coherent look since maybe.. Cannes 2016?!
    Maybe she needs to detox and start fresh.

    • Yup! It’s the Bhane effect. Only because her husband sells oversized boxy outfits, doesn’t mean she needs to wear that type of stuff. Her styling before she met Anand was amazing. So I agree she’s lost it.

  2. If this is Fashion then I am clueless. It does not look comfortable or beautiful or trendy or quirky or fun or youthful or elegant. Feels like she’s working so hard to look different from everyone else that her outfit choices have completely stopped making any sense.

  3. Agree. None of her looks make an impact. Its quite evident that she tries a tad too hard to look effortless , chic n nonchalant but falls flat every single time.
    On another note I think amongst all the celebrities it’s only Dia Mirza n Kangana Ranaut who have managed to look refreshing, decent and elegant consistently over the years.

  4. What in Lords name? It was all fine until the chandelier earrings which not only are ugly in themselves but have no place with the rest of it. Who wears oxfords and big dangly ear rings at the same time? This isnt trendy or being fashion forward. Its just confused.

  5. way better than the previous 2 looks.. color is nice and love the earrings with western clothes.. maybe she could skip the red lippie and the huge men in black glasses!

  6. way better than the previous 2 looks.. color is lovely and love the addon of earrings with western outfits.. she could skip the red lippie and huge men in black eyewear!

  7. This look is better than the last atrocity but styled poorly. Maybe more natural look would have salvaged. Right now she looks aunties gone wild circa 92.

  8. Sonam tries very hard to do the androgynous look effortlessly but doesn’t nail it at all. She’s at her most effortless when she does soft feminine looks with a personal touch thrown in. Instead the pendulum swings from androgynous to Disney princess….surely a middle ground can be found??

  9. Good Lord she tries so had to look ‘fashinable’. I get tired looking at this. She must be exhausted with all the effort she’s putting in to look effortless. Relax Sonam!


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