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Theory Of Relativity

Overheard at the ‘WYR’ Screening

Sunita (whispering to her husband Ashutosh): “I really should send flowers to Priyanka for making me look good at this screening. Yes, I know this gown ain’t all that and neither is my hair or makeup, but darling, did you see her!”

Ashutosh: “Of course, honeybunch. You should thank me though. I told her to pick that outfit over a Ferretti gown that she was planning to really wear. Told her she would look like a very ‘Fashion’able ‘Chandni’ from the year ‘2050’.


Sunita Gowariker

Disclaimer: The above conversation wasn’t actually heard! 😛

Photo Credit: WireImage

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Again and Again. And Again.

Preity was spotted again in her favorite John Galliano jacket with Louboutin pumps seen on her earlier at the IPL auction. Compared to others, it was disappointing to see her in plain ole denims, but I guess, because she also attended the day seminar for FICCI, she did not get time to change.


Preity Zinta at FICCI Frames Event


Left: At Toronto Film Festival Photocall
Center: amfAR Gala
Right: Dubai Film Festival Photocall


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Am I Seeing Double?

Nalandda Bhandari Spring Summer 2008

Marchesa Spring Summer 2008

While the Marchesa and the Nalandda Bhandari are absolutely identical, right from the opening at the neckline, the sleeves, the work on the hemline etc, look how similar the Dior and Surily Goel are. Barring the belt on Surily gown, the straps, the detail at the bust, the puffed hemline/ ruching are quite similar…

Spotted one that is identical. Spotted one that is similar. Its quite hard to miss!

Plagiarism, copyright infringement and downright copying have been plaguing the fashion industry for a while now, perhaps because it is so hard to define the rightful intellectual property and there is such a thin line between plagiarism and “inspiration”! There have been way too many incidents, all you need to do is run a google search and you’ll see, but then, neither do I see an easy solution to this!

I love these designers but its hard to ignore plagiarism and not feel just a tad let down!!

If a picture is worth thousand words, why do I need to say more?

In Dior At Toronto Film Festival

In Surily Goel At Vogue Launch

Source, Source, Source, Source

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