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Theory Of Relativity

Overheard at the ‘WYR’ Screening

Sunita (whispering to her husband Ashutosh): “I really should send flowers to Priyanka for making me look good at this screening. Yes, I know this gown ain’t all that and neither is my hair or makeup, but darling, did you see her!”

Ashutosh: “Of course, honeybunch. You should thank me though. I told her to pick that outfit over a Ferretti gown that she was planning to really wear. Told her she would look like a very ‘Fashion’able ‘Chandni’ from the year ‘2050’.


Sunita Gowariker

Disclaimer: The above conversation wasn’t actually heard! 😛

Photo Credit: WireImage

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Sporting The Skinny

Call me old fashioned or perhaps it has to do with watching daddy dearest for years dress up in suits for work but I love the basic tie. Years of watching Dad make perfect triangle at the neck can do that to you. In fact, now I sometimes do it for the better half, thanks to the occasional practice on Dad.

These days, the skinny tie has become quite a favorite and at the premiere of their movie, both Abhay and Harman wore skinny ties with their suits. If I really really had to pick, Abhay’s grey suit would be my pick just because he had a better suit on. Who do you prefer. Either or neither?


Left: Abhay Deol at ‘Road, Movie’ Screening
Right: Harman Baweja at ‘What’s Your Raashee’ Screening
Toronto International Film Festival

Photo Credit: WireImage, Filmicafe

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Vision In White?

For a daytime event, Ms. Chopra did one thing right by choosing to wear white. Unfortunately, everything else went wrong for her. Between the tacky sari (or whatever you want to call it) and the belly button piercing, we couldn’t decide what was worse! This outfit actually makes us like Ms. Saran’s South Filmfare Awards outfit now.

It doesn’t end there though. The make-up that looked bearable indoors looked really ghastly in the sunlight and if all the above wasn’t bad enough, choosing to wear a really hideous pair of sunglasses really killed it for us.

What’s your verdict?

Update: The design is a Manish Malhotra! 😛 (Courtesy: Filmicafe)


Priyanka Chopra at ‘What’s You Raashee’ Screening
Toronto International Film Festival


Priyanka Chopra at ‘What’s You Raashee’ Screening
Toronto International Film Festival

Photo Credit: WireImage, Daylife

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