Am I Seeing Double?

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Nalandda Bhandari Spring Summer 2008

Marchesa Spring Summer 2008

While the Marchesa and the Nalandda Bhandari are absolutely identical, right from the opening at the neckline, the sleeves, the work on the hemline etc, look how similar the Dior and Surily Goel are. Barring the belt on Surily gown, the straps, the detail at the bust, the puffed hemline/ ruching are quite similar…

Spotted one that is identical. Spotted one that is similar. Its quite hard to miss!

Plagiarism, copyright infringement and downright copying have been plaguing the fashion industry for a while now, perhaps because it is so hard to define the rightful intellectual property and there is such a thin line between plagiarism and “inspiration”! There have been way too many incidents, all you need to do is run a google search and you’ll see, but then, neither do I see an easy solution to this!

I love these designers but its hard to ignore plagiarism and not feel just a tad let down!!

If a picture is worth thousand words, why do I need to say more?

In Dior At Toronto Film Festival

In Surily Goel At Vogue Launch

Source, Source, Source, Source

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  1. That’s very shameful!! let ORIGINALITY rule!!

    can you guys post more pics like these i mean of plagiarized clothing, that’d be great.


  2. @ Anon# 2

    It IS funny that Preity is wearing both the versions!! How did she miss that??!!

    Honestly though, am still quite ok with the Surily dress (relatively)… but the Marchesa and Bhandari one is just a bit too much!

  3. the designer ‘Nalandda Bhandari’,had the nerve of including it for the runway…..are the organizers r so cut off from the internatioal seen….soo shameful….Payal, this really needs to be brought to the notice of the organizers!!

  4. Horrible! Don’t these designers have any imagination? First we rip off every Hollywood movie in our own stylized Bollywood versions and now this?!

  5. Marchesa showed their Spring Summer collection early September 2007. While Nalanda showed in late October. Unless Nalanda ghost-designs for Marchesa, we know who copied whom.

  6. First of all..I simply love your blog!! Secondly, notice how our desi darzis cant even make a decent replica ..I am talking about surily goel she’s got only the top part right and has managed to make the lower half of the dress look like it came out of the cotton candy machine

  7. indians always copy other people’s work.. y???? do we lack creativity or just crazy? movies, places,style shows literally everything..its outrages!!!!!shame on you all copycat out there!!!


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