Red For Luck?

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Deja vu? Not quite. For the second IPL Auction, Preity sported the color red again, this time pairing her red suit with what looks like a pair of Louboutin Pigalles.

Whatever her reason may be for wearing red again, we sure do love it! You?

preity-ipl-auction-2008.jpg preity-ipl-auction-panji.jpg

Left: Preity Zinta at the 2008 IPL Auction
Right: Preity Zinta at the 2009 IPL Auction


Christian Louboutin Pigalle Pumps

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  1. much better than wearing same dress at difernt occassions …if u like soemthing u get something similar … i like both …. shoes are good and so are the belts …she wear them well

  2. she always looks so superchic! but her fashion is so safe, predictable now..kinda boring. i alwys look foward to see what sonam is wearing these days….

  3. The shoes are gorgeous! I envy women who can walk around in such heels, sadly I am not one of them. If there is a secret to being comfy in high heels I would love to know.

    Preity looks very chic and sophisticated in both looks.

  4. OK, the dress itself looks very sophisticated and chic on Preity. She’s one of the very few actresses we have who looks extremely comfortable in these ‘suit-type’ dresses.

    But omg, what is WRONG with her face?! It looks too shrunk in and bloated/puffy at the same time…

  5. Sonia99, if there is a secret, it is that you need strong ankles and well-constructed shoes.

    The rest is the usual, a good fit, padding in the sole, if you need it etc..

  6. very classy, hair extention on the left pic is kinda too much but other than that she looks really nice, tose shoes look uncomfortable, talking from experience

  7. hey thanks for posting this !!
    i just love pz here !! that shoes r super fantastic and she looks so super chic !! she has amazing legs!!
    i wonder why don’t she wear short dresses!! so that she can show off those legs !!

  8. she wears red as it’s her lucky colour. she looks chic both times. i was just wondering about the bag? do we know which brand it is? btw, her hair line is really odd. i think she might wear a wig or wiglets.

  9. she always looks very well put together
    and sadly of all india’s public figures she probably is the only one!
    most can learn a thing or two from her

  10. I love that Preity’s not bling-bling like other Indian actresses, esp Shilpa Shetty. If her subtle, elegant clothes make her boring fashion-wise, so be it! Hers is a look that is always classic and chic and never borders on OTT. Love it.

  11. I love Preity’s understated look. Has anyone noticed since dating Ness Wadia her dress sense has improved 😉 Her look is now refined and polished. Perhaps its to do with having a rich boyfriend and fitting in with the elite. Before anyone here bites my head off yes we know Preity is successful and loaded but if anyone here knows Ness Wadia, they’ll know what I mean 😉

  12. preity and karishma are two stars who have transformed themselves the most. i love preity’s fierce style. she looks like a serious business woman and she looks hot at the same time. that’s really hard to pull off.

  13. Love Love Love the styling here!
    The hair and the dress are an improvement over last year( dats gr8 cuz last yr was no less awesome either) , and those shoes..just yummy!

  14. Wow she looks amazing in both! I never knew she had such skinny legs… This is a great look for someone of her age (30+). Compared to like Ash who wears those weird suit jackets with jeans and all.


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