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Shibani was seen at the Vogue event in a logo-print Vetements dress paired with a Balenciaga bag and boots and statement earrings. Given how busy the dress was with the print and the ruffles, it was a good move to wear her hair up in a top knot. Having said that, do I like the dress itself? Not really. It’s all over the place.

Did you like this outing of hers?

Shibani Dandekar

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  1. Had the dress and the boots been more structured, I’d have liked the look for being different.

    Shibani looks good with her hair groomed.

    But as is I am underwhelmed.

  2. Per my personal tastes I don’t like it at all. Anything that is logo all over the dress is a huge overkill for me. Add to that the logo gloves which is beyond excess.

  3. Unlike popular opinion on this post, I really liked her in the dress. The gloves actually do look cohesive instead of being childlike. For me , it’s a “you go girl” moment 🙂

  4. I loved this look, very stylized n apt for vogue.

    I didn’t realize the brand is all over the dress… I still can’t read it even when I zoom in. But yeah don’t care for logos in lieu of actual prints.

  5. I like the look though it may not meet the definitions wrt fitting, print, gloves and boots but somehow the over all look is very stylish and Vogue appropriate. The hairstyle made all the difference, so kudos to hairstylist.


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