Doing Casual: A Face Off

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At the recent Puma Golf launch, who worked the ‘sporty-casual’ better?

Nethra Raghuraman
Nina Manuel

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  1. both are buds so I will tell it straight. Both do it for me. Netra had twisted her ankle and hence is wearing a sock for that. It may be for Puma promotion but ultimately they are going to be photographed, and they are damned if they do not look good, because you guys will say they look washed out!!!!

  2. Is that all of Nethra Raghuraman? she looks like she has a dangerous flesh eating disorder, that accidentally eats up a sock occasionally.

  3. After reading Adit’s it makes sense as to why Nethra is wearing one sock and why both of them have makeup on – they are models!!

    I think more ppl would have liked Nethra’s look but are more concerned of her weight loss. She looks very skinny!!


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