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Kim Sharma needs to invest in longer tops, better fitting bottoms and definitely needs to lose those shoes. Pronto.

Kitu Gidwani needs to learn that the ‘tumbled-out-of-bed’ look is not to be taken so literally, pajamas are best left alone at home. And if that was her attempt at ‘boho-chic’, need I elaborate how we feel about it?! Someone also needs to sit her down and throw some light on how a flash works. And how flimsy knits don’t.

Kim Sharma
Kitu Gidwani


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  1. Kim Sharma somehow comes across as the long lost sister of the Arora sisters!

    Now only if Kitu would have choses a fitted Kurti or straight A line jacket over that tank top…
    whatever happened to ppl’s sense of modesty?? *sigh*

  2. A skirt would have looked so much better than those shoddy jeans…she seems to have a petite frame like Riya Sen and could have teemed a skirt with that top…would have looked so much better with an asymmetric skirt…

  3. God.. there is a flash of white for Kitu Gidwani under that horror of an ensemble.. that surely qualifies for a WTH!

    Strange.. i dont find anything wrong with Kims trousers, except that they are too tight and stuff.. actually Kim Sharma has a good enuf body.. its fit!

  4. bad fitting pants agreed… bad outfit of kittu agreed but what is wrong with the length of kim’s top?? it looks perfectly normal to me..

  5. Deewani

    The top by itself is fine but on her body type it needs to be a little longer. When the derrière is not your strongest asset, and when wearing ill-fitting pants that already draw attention to your derrière and hips, the last thing one needs is a top that ends right at the beginning of all the trouble spots, thereby drawing even more attention to it!

    Had she chosen a top that ended a few inches further down, the overall impact would have been much better!

    Most of the times, fashion isn’t about having runway-ready-bodies, but its about working with what you have! 🙂


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