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Wearing a Rami Kadi gown, Bhumi attended the Filmfare Middle East Achievers Night on Saturday evening in Dubai. The gown with its awkward slit up to the bum was already not a favorite but then you see those feathery mesh gloves and all love was lost from me. Can’t say I liked. Did you?

On an aside, I wonder if Ms. Pednekar has had any say in what she is wearing or is blindly accepting whatever her current stylist (Rhea Kapoor) is putting her in. I, for one, would like to see Bhumi looks to be more individualistic than mirror the Kardashian/Jenner aesthetic.

Bhumi Pednekar

Bhumi Pednekar

Photo Credit: Getty

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  1. Only Rhea Kapoor can make a pretty girl like Bhumi ridiculous.

    And I have to say this – HHC put Rhea Kapoor on a pedestal and every Rhea styled outing was giving so much leeway. Guess that gravy train didn’t last long, did it?

  2. That gown and makeup screams like Kim… Rhea is ruining Bhoomi… We don’t want Bhoomi to be like Kim…. Bhoomi can be herself and that’s more than beautiful…

  3. Have no idea why Bhumi agrees to be Rhea’s Guniea pig. Someone needs to tell Rhea that having access to designer clothes really doesn’t make someone a designer. Talent and hard work both are required to stay relevant in a creative field.

  4. Her outfit is an all in one cleaning device- the front is used to sweep the floor and the arms to dust.
    Her makeup is horrendous- lipstick that cover half her face and blush that covers the other half.

  5. Bhumi, I love you. Like I really do. You are a powerhouse actress and a beautiful strong woman.

    So please take my advice.

    Run a mile away from Rhea Kapoor. Like, RUN!

    Your looks are morphing you into someone you are not.

  6. UGH!! PLEASE YA stop wearing these monstrosities…Rhea HAS NO sense of style…one example of her ugly clothes was what sonam was wearing in the movie Veere di Wedding..


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