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  1. sam at | | Reply

    Both looks not working much. I think the second sari could have looked way better if worn with a diff blouse cut/design with hair in a clean bun or knot.Just my opinion though.

  2. SP at | | Reply

    Definitely the second one. Love the saree and blouse combo!

  3. SG at | | Reply

    Why does she look so unkempt all the time?

  4. Monika at | | Reply

    Definitely 2nd. The blouse is modern looking & different from the usual ones she sports. I do wish she had not worn the pallu like that. Why cant she just let it flow?

    1. olala at | | Reply

      Exactly my beef. I mean, pin it up if you find it too difficult to carry. You would still be yourself, no?

      And to some commentators below, please allow her to have her arm crook. What is wrong with that? That is her body posture. That is like calling someone out over height or colour!

  5. Melange at | | Reply

    Say what you will about Balan, it is true that she gives hope to a lot of women. As in, the hope that they can always look better than her. I know several women who are well into her 50s, wear a saree regularly and don’t really have the time to wear make-up. But they look better styled than Balan. Thank you Ms.Balan!

  6. Asha at | | Reply

    Both looks could have been redeemed with better styling. That gorgeous face doesn’t even need much effort. But it’s evidently more effort than she’s willing to take.

  7. Desimom at | | Reply

    Love both the looks !!
    She is beautiful !!

  8. Bertie at | | Reply

    Ha!!! No arm crook in the first set
    Clearly thats a winner :)

  9. prep-y at | | Reply

    Same old same old!!

  10. diff@yahoo com at | | Reply

    With alll that money…THIS is what she wears.
    No words

  11. Nancy at | | Reply

    She rocks both saree looks. Saree wise, I like the orange with green border more!

  12. Robert at | | Reply

    So messy!!!! She looks so sad.

  13. BK at | | Reply

    She needs to get rid off those elbow length blouses . To me this is same ol same ol.

  14. Poornima at | | Reply

    I am bored seeing her on High Heel.

  15. Jiminywiminy at | | Reply

    She looks completely shabby in both looks. I have nothing against someone wearing sarees all the time, but ppl like nandita das and neha dhupia manage to make it look so neat and elegant. This is frumpy, shabby, unkempt. She is such a good actress, I would hate for her to stop getting movies because she’s stopped making an effort. What has happened to her post marriage?

    1. Avani at | | Reply

      Those are my exact thoughts which I have been mentioning all along. Shabby & unkempt is all we see in each of her appearances. Nandita Das, Konkana, and yes Neha always look so well put together in Desi wear and they keep it real & earthy. Not a mess like this.

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