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  1. kumar at | | Reply

    i like it

  2. Adara at | | Reply

    That is one serious Wthey. This woman has no taste and cannot pick clothes that suit her bod.

    1. PG at | | Reply

      I think we should applaud her for not going the same way as every other bollywood starlet does, by wearing skintight dresses and skimpy saris with blouses that could pass for bras. She is a lot more sophisticated and has an old world grace about her which almost all the heroines of today lack. Agreed she has the potential to dress better than she does, but it would be wrong to say she lacks taste

    2. rds at | | Reply

      But she can act better than many who can dress well in the industry..so let her do what she does best and stop featuring her on the fashion blog. How about that….

      i seriously feel these fashion geeks make life just about clothes..get over it..it is industry where you will be known for acting ..(at least it should be) ..and stop looking for Audrey Hepburn in every one.

      1. PG at | | Reply

        absolutely agrree with u rds….there’s life beyond fashion n clothes. Yes, it is important, no doubt, but it’s not everything. she is a fantabolous actress. Period. I seriously think fashion critics shud stop picking on her, and let her do wat she does best.

  3. Faiza at | | Reply

    WOw i love it…. the kurta seems inspired by nawab era. i’m digging it…i would wear it.

  4. PrincessRuchi at | | Reply

    WTHeyyy Indeed!! Vidya, it should be made illegal for you to step out of the house and torture us with all this! You seriously need to get on “What not to wear”!!

    1. indigirl at | | Reply

      @Princess Ruchi – I think that’s very rude and mean to say that she shouldn’t get out of her house. May not be a great look at all but that’s no reason to be vicious to anyone.

  5. nina at | | Reply

    nice change to see Vidya in…despite the flaws…

  6. katy at | | Reply

    I think she looks lovely.

  7. jiji at | | Reply

    Too much light foundation! Full stop.

  8. kasthuri at | | Reply

    This isint that new. She has worn brocade kurthis before.
    But anyways, if only the neck was not so bandh gala that it looks like no-gala, i wld have liked this look.

  9. swets at | | Reply

    the outfit is pretty but doesn’t suit her. makes her shoulders look too broad.

  10. Fab at | | Reply

    Yes P&P you are absolutely wrong & over-critique here. Vidya changes it up nicely and looks really graceful. I love this look!

  11. padma at | | Reply

    is it just me? or is the dress reallymaking her top half look very broad and odd.

    dont like the look, the color (which i actually usually love), the velvet, the collar, the bottom border is all making it a bit too much. And she seriously needs to do something about her hair, especially with a dress like this.

  12. Lalitha at | | Reply

    The colour looks good on her but the high neck, long sleeves and longer length of the kurta make her look a bit boxy. She has a nice shape and I think she would look nice in pretty pastels!

  13. naiad at | | Reply

    Ok she doesnt look all that great but Payal and Priyanka why is meanness oozing out from your pores?

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