Changing It Up-Part Deux

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Change must be in the air, how else do you explain Rani too giving us a look that is so unlike her. On these pages anyway.

As for the look in question, it’s almost as if Rani’s clothes RSVP’ed to two different events… The top had to stop by a swishy cocktail affair while the skirt and boots decided to swing by a roaring frat party. :p

Rani Mukherjee At Bryan Adams Concert

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. hahahha i love this description….and people do wear jean skirts to frat parties…just not with that top..thats disaster waiting to happen!!!!

  2. the denim skirt definitely needs to go. Denim skirts are just all kinds of TACKY. would have been SUCH a great look if she had teamed it with black skinny pants/jeans and pumps or even a black pencil skirt. look how GREAT she looks waistup!

  3. Woah…that’s a lot of unwarranted ageism/ viciousness right here. Disapprove of the look if you must (I agree its dowdy), but if you’re going to act like its somehow inappropriate for a feisty, glamorous, famous 32-year-old to wear a short skirt and boots, you’re the ones who look outdated.

    Yes, the outfit could have been a lot better. No, she is NOT too old to experiment and have fun (or star in movies like KKHH)!! And midlife crisis? Please, this is the same successful, beautiful young actress that we are talking about right?

    I cannot believe the hypocrisy that will condone men running around trees shirtless with women their daughter’s ages, but will make boorish comments when a good-looking women a little over thirty experiments with her clothing. Ridiculous!

    • Agreed. She’s in better shape then she was in kuch kuch so why can’t she wear the minis. No crazy thunder thighs or anything so I don’t see why it’s offensive. The comments are probably made by tweens or something because 32 does sound like a massive number at that age, heck I remember a time when I thought people at 15 were ancient and wise but now at 23 I see them as little kiddies.

      Rani also has the misfortune of being type casted as a serious actress so we expect her to be all graceful and eastern all the time but look at kareena.. She’s also in her thirties and if she’s in a mini then it isn’t as jarring because her image in movies is still quite sexy.

      ps. And that is a blah outfit 🙂

    • Men who romance girls half their age don’t feature in this blog.. the comments were abt the skirt that is meant for teenagers + it is unflattering for rani.. do u really c 32 year olds wearing a mini denim skirt??

    • While I agree with you about the sexism and ageism in BW, it is the look here that is distressing.

      The tacky denim skirt, sequined shirt and ugly boots that are topped off by too much makeup do not spell glamorous and youthful at a concert but rather desperately trying too hard to appear glamorous and youthful.

      Rani needs to find her own (updated) style and own it.

    • Whoa! If shirtless men were posted here, they would be criticized too.She is free to experiment with her clothing,but I thought this blog was talking about what works and what does not. This look for Rani, definitely does NOT work.I do agree with you that comments on “midlife crisis” are bordering on viciousness.

    • i totally agree with Chocolate Martini’s comments…women in their early 30’s in Hollywood are seen splashed over the magazines in similar outfits and I doubt any of them would be called ‘over the hill’ or inappropriately dressed for wearing a short denim skirt…i don’t particularly like this outfit myself, but it has nothing to do with Rani’s age.

      • Gaaa… its not the age! Its the lack of understanding what works with ones body and what does not!

        Mid life crisis reference is not always applied to ppl in 40s. Its usually a reference to a feeling where one feels a need to revive themselves… often in a clueless way.
        It can be applied on anyone. I don’t see what the big deal is about using that word.

  4. its always women who criticize other women and call them old. in hollywood women arent “old” at 32. anyways, glad rani isnt listening to the criticism. she looks good.

  5. Some interesting comments. I like that Rani tries new things, but this this a failed attempt. I agree that I could imagine that she put her top on, was trying to wear the skirt, which tore off, so she had to find a replacement….
    This being said, I would have preferred her to keep the skirt and change the top to a more casual one. This is really not matching and weird. She should try hats or tie her her differently.. This was the ideal opportunity for her to go casual/rock and roll..She should have gone further…Better Taste next time!

    • Such a STUPID thought! I agree people should behave and wear age-appropriate clothes, but she is definitely not showing or revealing extereme skin for sure! Yes, her sense of style is not the greatest and this is a total failure, from point of fashion, but it has nothing to with age, given she is appropriately covered. Its OLD people like YOU who believe in such OUTDATED thoughts. Well, what can I say people who themselves have jaundice, see all yellow 😛
      Also, I wonder why people cant give comments only on clothes rather making vicious comments on a person’s age etc. I thought this is a FASHION-ONLY blog.

  6. How exactly does one go through a midlife crisis at 32? It’s generally accepted wisdom that one has a midlife crisis at, well, midlife age, i.e. mid-forties or so. Also, she’s worn minis since she started out. Why is this so indicative of anything?


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