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  1. KityPurry at | | Reply

    Shibani looks gorgeous. I like her skirt :P
    About Celina, no matter what, I can’t seem to like anything on her.

  2. RucHii at | | Reply

    i like what CJ is wearing..the skirt in itself was quite much..was nice to keep the top and bag plain black…unlike SK who kept the color game on for everything..i do wish to see CJ without her lenses and just flaunt her natural eye color..

  3. Jasmine at | | Reply

    what are you saying — love the skirts!

    1. nalini at | | Reply

      me too! the skirts are pretty and fun!

      1. mruna at | | Reply

        I agree..I love such skirts…I find meters and meters of fabric rather fun!

    2. oshoriri666 at | | Reply

      yah….they can look pretty,but for day events only

  4. Monika at | | Reply

    Shibani looks like a Christmas tree. I like what Celina is wearing.

  5. R at | | Reply

    Celina IS a very pretty girl. I think she carries that skirt rather well, too. If only she’d burn those lenses.

    1. deewani at | | Reply

      m so glad ppl r starting to realize that fake lenses food horrible.. plus Celina’s makeup is still bit too much here.. she’s shining like smothered baby oil over her face!

      1. deewani at | | Reply

        food*?? haha.. i`m really hungry must say… i meant “look … stomach growling..boss wouldn’t let me have my lunch.. tortureeeee

        1. Adara at | | Reply

          deewani, haha, u should go grab a bite. :D

  6. Deena at | | Reply

    mmm im sorry move over gypsy skirt, hello maxi dresses and longline skirts…not loving either of these looks..

  7. npm at | | Reply

    Love the skirts.

  8. SMV at | | Reply

    I love long skirts…and they have been in trend for quite some time…i love Celina’s skirt and i think she looks great in it…the other skirt…not so much

  9. shireen at | | Reply

    Well cut/tailored long skirts are one thing, but these look like patched together fabric. Thankfully the ladies look lovely enough to distract from the disaster below.

  10. RS at | | Reply

    You don’t like these skirts? But they are so pretty.

  11. lazyU at | | Reply

    They would be nice for a beach holiday..

  12. sassy_girl at | | Reply

    cool for a tourist look .. not for events

  13. preetidutta at | | Reply

    i remember even as a kid i used to wear such skirts strictly at home …comfortable yes …fashionable ..no..

  14. betie at | | Reply

    yuck and yuck

  15. Jayu at | | Reply

    Skirts are lovely. CJ looks cute.

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