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    Agree with you, doesn’t look as special on the red carpet as it does on the runway…..

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    agree, looks kinda insipid and blah

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    Actually, I quite like it. PadmaL being skinny and tall can take almost anything.

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    I like her makeup

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    Padma looks like a theatre cutain wrapped itself around her. Not a good look at all. Her make up is flawless as always.

    This outfit is editorial and needs a wind machine contanstly blowing at you to be even considered a garment for the human female form.


  6. sherry at | | Reply

    i kinda like it, only coz its different to the usual look on the red carpet. if i could suggest anything different it might be the color. keeping the occasion in mind i would not wish a richer color, rather a warmer one. plus, it would have complimented her bronzed look and nude makeup.

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    Actually I like it. Not a big Padma Lakshmi fan – she just seems to be another Heather Mills but better looking, but she does carry it well. Anyone with money can buy a birkin esp. when your beau is Ted Forstmann but this dress requires a little bit more sophistication – would have likes some color though.

  8. pearl at | | Reply

    looks like a bath rob to me with extra frills on the bottom.she is totally struggling to pull that gown.

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  10. Lyzeh at | | Reply

    I think she looks wonderful and has pulled it off really well

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