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  1. SS at | | Reply

    This is a look bordering on wtheyyy.
    and what’s with all that grease on her face?

  2. Rita at | | Reply

    More appropriate for a gig at Mehboob studios. Just doesn’t work the Kallol at all. Just a “yeah, whatever” kinda look.

  3. AB at | | Reply

    Now that is one kickass turnout! This had got to be one of my favorite KD 1955 looks! Total DOPE!

  4. Ahot at | | Reply

    Respectfully disagree, the clutch added just the right pop of color needed. She is working it, shining issues aside.

  5. TiqueBou at | | Reply

    Find a bit too contrived. Biker/Rocker pants + funky Artist tunic + some colour on my face / in my hands. Eh. Why not a dress girl why not a dress?

    1. TiqueBou at | | Reply

      *find ‘it’ a bit too contrived…

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