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  1. Surbhi at | | Reply

    G R O S S !!!!! what is that blue ribbon? Is gul being presented to someone???? and what is that blue train? how does this qualify as a design.. scary

  2. divi at | | Reply

    I believe that is her bag not the train. She looks perfect withot that blue bow and blue bag. Looks like she has a blue bird on her shoulder.

    1. SS at | | Reply


  3. clara at | | Reply

    yucks!!! that dress is not well cut at all!!! looks like some designer has palmed off a tailor’s mistake to her. hehehe

  4. Another Nisha at | | Reply

    OMIGOSH! What a disaster!
    That thing is like a veil off one shoulder and she has to hold it from trailing the floor with her finger in that loop! EWWW…!! What on earth..?!

  5. kismet at | | Reply

    will she EVER get it right, and needs to change her hair!!!

  6. Adit at | | Reply

    First A for trying, and then a D for wearing a really strange outfit…then an A for always dressing up than down (tulip are you listening), then a D for not always getting it right….

  7. Megha at | | Reply

    gross gross gross gross
    what was she thinking
    i know she’s not a great dresser but this is bad even for her!!

  8. arbitary at | | Reply

    What a pretty lady, what terrible taste! The loop in finger thing is beyond awful…what was she thinking!!

  9. suchi at | | Reply

    did anyone notice her awful shoes? her hair is a mess, make up non existent. i cant find 1 redeeming thing sorry

  10. neha at | | Reply

    hehehe. does she have to put her finger in that loop all the time. Just imagine.
    This is beyond ROFL. This lady was a Miss India??????

  11. Neha at | | Reply

    hahaha….what a brilliant concept! dress with a loop for the finger…LOL

  12. Natasha at | | Reply

    prom nite dress gone bad !!

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