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Do we blame Urvashi Kaur again for this?

gul-panag-hello-premiere-11.jpg gul-panag-hello-premiere-21.jpg

Gul Panag At ‘Hello’ Premiere

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. G R O S S !!!!! what is that blue ribbon? Is gul being presented to someone???? and what is that blue train? how does this qualify as a design.. scary

  2. I believe that is her bag not the train. She looks perfect withot that blue bow and blue bag. Looks like she has a blue bird on her shoulder.

  3. OMIGOSH! What a disaster!
    That thing is like a veil off one shoulder and she has to hold it from trailing the floor with her finger in that loop! EWWW…!! What on earth..?!

  4. First A for trying, and then a D for wearing a really strange outfit…then an A for always dressing up than down (tulip are you listening), then a D for not always getting it right….


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