Fab Or Drab?

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Definitely not ‘Fab’ for us. In-your-face sexy, rarely ever is.

(Sari is a bit too much like what a costumier would do! Would work great for a song shot in the Swiss alps (!!). Not for a premiere.)


Amrita Arora At ‘Hello’ Premiere

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. lol…she is already in the Halloween spirit or is it HELLO-ween ..lol…funny but I can’t recall when was the last time these sisters didn’t turn their backs at the photogs!

  2. yuck! she has a skulls clutch.. what was she trying to do? scare ppl..? they must be scared with funny chain blouse.. i am wondering – if one of the chains got stuck.. and broke.. hahahhaha

  3. Why does she have to ‘cake’ her face so mcuh? She has a pretty face.. and a good body.. does she really need to try that hard?
    I’m really disappointed with these girls! No more to say!

  4. i don’t like the cllutch with the sari. it would have worked fine with something like skinny jeans. i guess amrita thinks she has to go over the top as she is usually eclipsed by malaika and bff kareena who are both much more beautiful and talented than her.

  5. Def very Halloweenish with the spiderweb on her back and the skulls on her clutch…as well as the Halloween makeup. Her back is hot though.. nice skin if I had that back I’d work it. I think the sari would have been totally hot but it just has one too many of the strands. The two on the top (like a back necklace) connecting to the two horizontal ones on the bottom.. if it was just those four it would look sexyyy

  6. ewwww!!
    if she just had a blouse it would have been normal, but i think in the HELLO rap song she wears this sort of saree with all the beads.


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