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Am still not a fan of this dress but it definitely looks a tad bit better on Candice. Gul is just too top heavy to be wearing this…

Gul Panag, “Summer 2007” Premiere
Urvashi Kaur, Fall 2008

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  1. seeee.. even in this dress u can actually see the stitches! most indian designers can’t design dresses properly 🙁 there are some exceptions ofcourse.. very few

  2. blech…
    it would look better on a flatter chested person (like the model), the blousing effect is nice (and the only part I like)

  3. @g – I totally agree – not just dresses though.. I’ve always had my indian clothes made, and designers and their tailors are so stuck in their own way of doing things.. I cannot get anyone to make a decent sleeveless kurta or sari blouse.. it invariably ends up being right on the shoulder, like it was originally designed with sleeves, that were later removed…

  4. whats wrong with getting stitching noticed?? i cant imagine how a dress can be made without actually seeing the stitches..

    that said, the black bow on this dress makes it confusing


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