Face Off: The Logo Ladies

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Spotted Neha Oberoi recently with the Fendi ‘To You’ bag, which incidentally, we’ve also seen on Laila Khan… Neha’s look at the event instantly reminded us of Sonal Chauhan when she was out promoting ‘Jannat’… skinny jeans, green top, logo’ed out bag, et all!

If there’s one thing thats worse than the Louis Vuitton monogram, it is…

Sonal Chauhan
Neha Oberoi

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I think Neha actually looks pretty funky.. I like it..the shoes and the top go together. Her hair on the other hand.. oh lordy. Sonal is doing one of those “supposed to be casual but I’m trying to look as hot as I can hence the full on makeup”. N what is up with the colour of her feet? Looks really unnatural to me idk why

  2. BORING BORING BORINGG!!!…both of themm…so unattractive!!! specially sonam….looks like she bought her cloths from link r linkin rd…watever!!…phew!!

  3. Doesn’t Neha’s top remind you of a raincoat?! But maybe in a diff fabric, I would like a top like this. And this better not be for a high profile event… also, bad denims, Ne.
    Sonal’s bag is better.. but don’t like the caked face and wet hair look together… weird!

  4. LOVE Neha’s look, except for the bag and the …hair (something on the top part-but not her top)
    I’m lusting over her shoes, yum!
    Sonal looks like your typical teeny-bopper who thinks they have style (she is pretty though)


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