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  1. lucky_mom at | | Reply

    Did any one notice the guy behind her with weird jeans pockets??what was that guy thinking to wear jeans such outrageous as these(at least from the back..)

    as for divya absolutely no comments!!!

  2. kaya at | | Reply

    Oh my goodness!

    Lord have mercy on us! lol … sorry for being dramatic but such images awaken your melodramatic-ness from within lol… but seriously… come onnn! …

    I guess we’ve seen worse but that does not by any means lessen the astonishment or sympathy lol…

  3. Asli Koel at | | Reply

    What do you mean?

    Dear P and P , Asli koel just had one too many (Hic , Hic )

    Please explain more … Thank-u

  4. kaya at | | Reply

    Oooh anddd she brought the gang along!! How wonderful! lol … evidence = jeans in background… :/

    *shakes head* tsk tsk ..

  5. pan at | | Reply

    pretty girl stuck in saas bhi kabhi bahu thi stylin

  6. Nick at | | Reply

    nothing good about this

  7. stuti at | | Reply

    Hahah! I long for pictures like this, makes me feel better about myself. :D

  8. Adit at | | Reply

    Such a pretty girl…..such bad taste….she is soooo loud

  9. asli koel at | | Reply

    ok I get it …


    Happy July 4th everyone!!

  10. lia at | | Reply

    okay she’s not THAT pretty.

  11. Sindhu Gururaj at | | Reply

    It is so sad to see her dress up badly with all such costly items put together!! When she can afford to buy such stuff, she def. can afford a good stylist. Please, please some one let her knw how to dress up… what a waste of such good figure and money:-(

  12. sd at | | Reply

    A doesn’t match with B and C do not go along with D. And that candyfloss stuck on her neck is just toooooo bad.

  13. hotstepper at | | Reply

    Fugly :( if she has so much money why doesn’t she hiRE A STYLIST

  14. jazz at | | Reply

    lol @ stuti!
    Dont u think she has permanent membership in the “Wthey” club???? :D

  15. shalini at | | Reply

    the top looks like one of those janakpuri (west delhi) ones which have lacy border and random words stitched on top of ’em. the only thing missing are lycra pants .

  16. Nisha at | | Reply

    I honestly see people dress more like this in India than Sonam Kapoor, or Deepika….

  17. madhu at | | Reply

    lol…@jazz…apart from membership,she actually leads WTHEY club…

  18. ena at | | Reply

    Just goes to prove, money cant buy good tatse!

  19. LazyU at | | Reply

    The guy in the background looks like a horse kicked him on the butt.

    *Sigh* She has her own distinctive style and though she likes her bubblegum colours, some people don’t even have that bit on their side. They just follow other people without an iota of common sense. I’ll give it to her that she knows what she likes and does it with zeal. A permanent Wtheyy she may be, at least wears stuff she loves. I’m not even sure how a stylist might tame her ditzy colour fetish.

    I’m so positive these days. @_@

  20. KK at | | Reply

    I agree with ena – money can’t buy taste.
    Honestly with her.. it’s either matchy matchy (hot pink sari) OR nothing matches (like this outfit). There’s no balance!

  21. R at | | Reply

    I quite agree with Nisha. I have seen a LOT of ppl dressed like this in India. Doesn’t make it good, but well…

  22. keya at | | Reply

    hihi I love the way you titled this “Keeping It Relative” :)
    yeah you are right the soap thing alteast didnt hurt my eyes this much.

  23. R at | | Reply

    Can someone tell me please, who is she..soap star or some famous guy’s wife?

  24. Madhu at | | Reply


  25. charan at | | Reply

    Those pointy shoes are killing me…

  26. R at | | Reply

    This looks really weird. Me, replying to another R… but well. She’s Bhushan Kumar’s wife. He owns & runs T-Series – one of India’s leading music labels. Also, Divya appeared in a movie called “Ab Tumhare Hawaale Watan Saathiyon” and of course, on most of the WTHEYYs on this site.

  27. peechu at | | Reply

    lol..ditto at Madhu. This girl makes me want to weep. R, she is Bhushan Kumar’s wife..he runs a big record label in the music and film industry though she did a little modeling and acting before…

    but i kinda do agree with a few people above that said that she DEF has strong (random as they may be) likes and dislikes (anything remotely sensibly stylish). she’s like this pop princess who dresses up on a whim…haha. what a life!

  28. VirgoVixen at | | Reply

    She’s not a soap star, I think she married someone famous though dunno who. I agree, that soaperstar look was so much better than this disaster:) lol

  29. monika at | | Reply

    what si she wering around her neck?

  30. April at | | Reply

    Such a pretty face and ……sigh.I guess everyone here said it all.I’d take Sush in total black,predictable and boring,over THIS anyday.

    Before she hits 40 and decides to stick to beige for the rest of her life(after she’s done with these pre teen colors,that is) she needs a dramatic change in her styling.Pls call Sabyasachi.

  31. chic chick at | | Reply


  32. dinks at | | Reply

    she has the money!!! but totally reminds me of Tv actresses who overdo with cheap clothing and styling!

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