Stop In Your Tracks Red


While Kishwar went the ‘Match-Much’ route, Shilpa decided to go with red accessories to pick up on the red in her outfit! With the ‘red’ so jarring on both of ’em, its hard to pick out the lesser evil! Can you?

Have a looksee at The Gallery for more pictures from the event!


Kishwar Merchant (Left) And Shilpa Agnihotri At ‘Ice Age 3’ Premiere

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Shilpa is definetely so much better, the accesories do jar a bit, but they also work in a kind of tacky/ kitchy way. Its not the best outfit I’ll agree, but you can kind of see where she was going with it. And while the dress is absolutely ordinary there is nothing horribly wrong with it.
    Kishwar on the other hand is wearing a pair of cheap shorts, the kind you purchase in a street-side stall and the candy striped tee, the mary jane-esque shoes and matching accesories are too juvenile for words. The whole look is more appropriate for a six year old at a coutnry fair than a so-called ‘Page 3 Personality’ at a movie premiere.


  2. No surprises in Shilpa’s case, she has no style whatsoever. Those red accessories are seriously Wtheyy. The other gal looks much better.


  3. Kishwar looks much better than Shilpa. Shilpa looks like she belongs in a horror movie. Can she visit a hair stylist and an overall stylist as well?? Eeks.




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