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      YICKS!!!!! This person has 0 fashion sense!

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    Oh, No! i feel really sorry for her. She has this innocent look on her face like as if she really tried hard with this look, so i feel bad and i’m not going to write any negative comments. Wow, sometimes people must laugh at me too…. we’re all human.

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    OMG!!!!This is a total nightmare!How in the world can people do this to themselves??Why oh why???

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    lol……did she NOT see herself before leaving the house????

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    Heee hheee heee !

    P and P , You guys are naughty..

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    Wow! did not expect that!

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    OMG !! Who is she ?? If that’s blue eyeshadow shez wearing …somebody kill me. Kill me now. I am guessing it did not have a built in anything. Gravityz a B**ch. But then again these are the least of our worries here…

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    come on, she forgot to change the bottoms.
    happens, happens…

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    OMG ! My heart just went to shock seeing this..!!

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    good gawd!
    that jwllry… those boots!
    the wrap
    the bangles …
    where shud i start… or shud i say stop!!!
    this is so chandini bar wearing jeans!
    leave me alone to die … or go into intense therapy … !!!

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      Ha! Ha! My feelings exactly

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    who is she ?

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    Holy $#@&…………..

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    this pic made me :-)

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    Wow that hurts :o how exactly can a person go out anywhere looking like that

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    What is the thing hanging in the front ? the jeans , the shoes…
    I might still excuse someone from the normal world for this mistake, but why people from showbiz ?
    I mean, they know that they are being photographed, which would be posted over net or printed in newspapers, don’t they ????

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    for the first time today (and I’ve been browsing A LOT), I burst out laughing. Thanks P&P!!

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    Gosh, Disaster is an under word:( What was she thinking while dressing? Is a full length mirror missing at home? I wonder…

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    OMG!! makes me wish I hadn’t seen ‘inside’ :-p

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    Good God. Why?

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    that is a true wtheyyyYYyy

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    wat the hell is this ?? i mean y wud even think of doing this to urself ? beleive me i wudnt even want to die in this dress :-( plz god help her :-(

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    Is she the same girl who acted in Family no 1?

    1. Samira at | | Reply

      She is!I’m surprised somebody here knows about that show lol….she looked good thr…god knows wut happened?

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        Before this monstrosity I would have recalled her as that cute girl from Family no. 1. Its actually depressing that only one person besides me remembers the show (which was great btw) Gosh I feel ancient!!!!!!

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          Mary, dont feel bad. I remember the show as well with Kanwaljeet and Tanvi Azmi. Aparna Tilak was the spoilt daughter of Kanwaljeet who always wanted to look cute and had a hair brush in her hand all the time. Now I feel ancient!

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        i remember her as the cute girl who always wanted to dress up and look good… its too bad that she has dressed up like this…

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        I remember the show..I used to watch it..I said so in my comment below.

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    funniest photo i’ve seen on this blog in a while
    thanks guys…you rule! :)

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      Tell me about it..i know it’s mean but i may jst DIE laughing…..

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    :O :O :O :O How on earth cud anyoneeeeeee possibly wear that!!! Shucks.. And the WTHeyyy Awarddd for the year 2009 goes to……………………. Aparnaa Tilak..

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    Oh my eyes!!!! MY EYES!!!!!!

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    whats that thing hanging in front of her?

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    reminds me of rambha’s tacky costumes from quick gun murugan.

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    thats the worst I have seen this year!!! She beats everyone hands down.
    Hey P&P, now that the year is coming to an end.. do you think you guys should have a feature on best and worst dressed list or 2009? Think it will be fun!

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    ha ha haha hahah a!!! Was it a fancy dress completition. what did she arrive as?

    what a waste of such a pretty face.

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    I think she’s a waste of space on a fashion blog…

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    hahahaha…can’t stop laughing!! It’s one of the most hilarious pictures I’ve seen on this site! Guess she thought fusion would be the most ‘in’ thing to do but alas…
    and why on earth that heavy set with those ill fitted jeans & outdated boots!! *Mercy*

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    omg… how can one go soooooooooo wrong ,…. like in everyways… seriously …are you guys sure its was not a costume party or east west thingy hahaha jk !!!! simply ewwwwwwwww n that gold n that duppata n the shoes holy crap … cannot believe i just saw this !!!

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    cowgirl meets desi girl…..

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    LOL! LOL! LOL!

    Who is she, btw?

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    hehehe… HAHAHAHA… ROFL!!
    this takes the limelight off all the WHTeyyys.. !!
    the worst combination EVER!
    seriously… who IS she?

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    OMG what on earth was she thinking.. seriosuly there are no words to discribe it!!!

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    what the hell is she wearing!

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    Isn’t she the same woman who played Jas Arora’s sister in ‘Gud Naal Ishq Mitha’? geez.. i’m rather old to even rber that!
    The whole thing’s a disaster. she needs a mirror. Or friends.

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    buhahahahahhaha! lmao lmao lmao!
    seriously?! SERIOUSLY! seriously?!

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    mirror mirror on the wall<<<who got it all wrong…

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    OMG ! What on this ever loving world prompted her to dress like that?maybe someone was pointing a barrel towards her brains.Whatever happened to the cute teenager from Family No 1..I used to think that she looked chic in the show back then…look at her..just look at her now.

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    she needs a fairygodmother… like for real. I actually feel for this poor soul.

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    lol this post drew more comments than Ash’s..

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    would really like to know the thought process that preceded this disaster. Was she attempting a Indo western cow girl fusion?? Clint Eastwood meets chameli meets zaveri bazar??

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    Really what was the though process that led to this hideous look?

    I can’t remember any decade, year or phase when pairing jeans with a garish top, overdone jewlery/make up and (worst of all) a dupatta(!) was EVER in style. Where did she get this brainwave from?

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    What the F**K.,,,what is She wearing????.Was she out of her senses while choosing this to “WEAR” ! ( I think she belongs to a diff planet all together,,LOL

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