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  1. SS at | | Reply

    The belt looks so cheap.

  2. priyanka chigurupati at | | Reply

    she looks fantassstic

  3. Diva at | | Reply

    The colour of the dress is nice but I hate the neckline and the belt.

  4. Saya at | | Reply

    Something is off with the bust. She is def making it work and the belt is a nice addition. A slim belt would have been pretty meh and common. Btw, If it was upto you ladies, you would have worn a cardigan over this. From what we saw as your style quoitent ;-P

  5. R at | | Reply

    COME ON! How can anyone not like that belt?
    This girl has more personality than 100 starlets put together. The best, for me, pulls the entire look together.

  6. Renu at | | Reply

    Attitude, Attitude and loads of it…I am feeling some love out there..

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