Oh No! She Didn’t!

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Oh, she soooo did!

We are talking about Deepika, who it seems wore a gown from her movie “Bachna Ae Haseeno” to the green carpet of IIFA 2008! (Check out the trailer to see it- pay special attention about 25 seconds into it and then again at about the 48th sec!)

Now, we have seen Rani wear the same dress from her movie and Shriya and Diya wear their looks on the runway but then their excuse is that they were promoting their movie. We never heard that these two (Deepika and Ranbir) were at the event to promote their movie, which is why this whole episode is quite funny!

Thanks “Sunaina” and “Saudamini” for pointing this to us!

Deepika Padukone

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  1. OH NO SHE DIDN”T!!!!!
    We were so proud of her for the dress too…
    btw, I thought (was hoping) they stopped making movies like that :/

  2. i realized when they first played the promo but I feel deepika might have thought who will remember of this premier and my dress and movie is yet to come so not a biggie…..but I personally think she wouldnt have done it.

  3. as a celebrity, repeating your outfit is bad enough…but wearing something from a movie set o_O horrible
    plus, it’s not like jeans and a top or a day dress that she’s repeating…it’s a gown that she will be photographed in at a major event

  4. does anyone else think that deepika’s head is too small for her body????? it’s strange she repeated the dress. maybe she hasn’t learnt the ropes of being a celebrity yet.

  5. I agree with Shona! She prolly loved the dress….Deepika looked simply stunning at the awards. And dats all that matters!
    At least its not a fashion faux pass.

  6. ya man, what’s the bad here? she looks great in both places, one is a movie, one is a one-off op. so what’s the big deal? if she was repeating clothes in movies, now, that’d have been something. and we know P&P would have caught her out if she repeated the dress at regular functions!

  7. the dress is so gorgeous and elegant. perhaps she couldn’t help herself. how yummy is ranbir in the trailer? i have such a huge crush on him.

  8. She did not wear it to an event after the movie was released…this was even before the movie promos were released…. She is gorgeous,and I think she will make a better pair on screen with Hrithik and Abhishek…..

  9. Deepika’s head too small for her body ???? Wht the %^#$
    Now what is she to do resize her body according to her head or inflate her skull?

  10. Since she has not worn a necklace in the above pic, she would’ve looked more beautiful and elegant had she worn a small brooch a la jackie O.

  11. Well, how DO we point it out to you? I’d noticed it like when i saw the trailer on tv, but i just have no idea how to bring it out…and i don’t even know if you’re going to see the comment and tell me how, so i’ll just sit. and wait. and watch.

  12. Oh come on lalh, she piggybacks on SRK’s back into Bollywood, an out-and-out smash hit, a second movie in no time, a l’officiel cover, and a massive campaign for Maybelline; she’s have money. Oh, she’d have money.


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