Fresh Off The Runway!

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While others have to wait a day or two after a collection is shown, Suchitra was spotted wearing an outfit from Arshiya Fakih’s collection on the day of the showing.

Now if the dress was swoonworthy, we might have been impressed!

Left: Araiya by Arshiya Fakih, Spring 2009
Right: Suchitra Pillai at Lakme Fashion Week Spring 2009

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  1. OMG!! took me a moment to figure out it was a bag and not one of those magnified bubbles where they enlarge a hand to show the ring on the celeb’s finger or something!!!

  2. Suchitra’s looks like a tube version of the runway one. Not so bad in white (hate how the blue looks.. cheap!) but Suchitra’s paunch, posture, accessories, etc… nahh!

  3. This blue color was completely rocked by Aish in one fashion week or some thing but its not looking good on walusha….white has a better cut but suchitra should consider changing her hairstyle…..
    fed up with her o’so boring long hair…..

  4. I like the dress/color. Would definitely prefer it with sleeves than without. Tube tops are always tricky to pull off because if you slouch just a little, it looks awful.

    She might have been lucky to snag this dress right off the runway…but I think the fitting’s off – perhaps one size larger? As someone already noted, it’s not all that flattering in the midsection either!


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