First Look: Aisha

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It’s a movie we are waiting for with bated breath just for the fashion. Kinda like we did for ‘Sex and the City 2’ except lets keep our fingers crossed that it ain’t a dud like SATC2. Yep, breaks our heart to say that SATC2 was bad!

Coming back to Aisha, here’s a first look at Sonam in Dior and Depala . How fun is the first pic and how flirty yet feminine is that skirt on the Ayesha Depala gown?


Left: Christian Dior, Resort 2010
Right: Sonam Kapoor as and in ‘Aisha’


Photo Credit: Facebook

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  1. Was I the only one who was disturbed by SATC2’s (other than the fact that it was HORRIBLE and offensive) focus on the clothes? Impossible as it seems, it was sort of too much. I mean I couldn’t help but wonder, even in your 40’s and your 50’s … haven’t you, reached some deeper understanding of life where material things don’t matter as much? Materialism is fun and frivolous but, I don’t know :/

    ANYWAY, the dress in the bottom TOTALLY reminds me of that dress Carrie wore in Paris. I love both of these looks, but I hope the movie doesn’t focus too much on the clothes. I’m a huge Austen nerd, and the 1996 version of Emma is my favorite Austen adaptation, ever. Sonam seems like she’ll be perfect as the very flawed but endearing Emma, and the focus on the clothes should fit in well as part of her young, snobbish personality. Mr. Knightley is my FAVORITE Austen hero, so I’m excited.

    • Agree about the materialism bit, pdaervo… made me more than a little uncomfortable to be watching this, especially in this climate. Yes, people lose their jobs all the time, and there’s always a recession somewhere in the world, but for Americans to be so blase about their own misfortune was a bit much, I felt…still, it’s fashion, not to be taken seriously- or so they say.

    • You aren’t alone pdaervo.

      Generally the Austen adaptations aren’t too bad like the tamil version of S&S but the pics here look like -ummm-Confessions of a Shopaholic in India.

      And much as I love clothes, enough of movies that are marathon advertisements for designer clothes as opposed to being secondary to the movie. Really its become like p*rn flicks, where the story is an afterthought to showcasing clothes.

    • ya the dress is reminiscent of the carrie paris ‘thousand layers’ dress but sonam looks so much better than the haggard sjp.

    • WOW pdaervo I had the same thoughts on this matter!
      1. the SATC movies (both) were TERRIBLE. The fashion seemed forced and the characters were reduced to caricatures.
      Where was the Patrciia Field who dressed Carrie in the Raccoon coat and nude slip dress???
      2. The second dress reminded me of the Versace one Carrie wore from the Paris episode.
      2. the Kate Beckinsale version of Emma is one of my favorites. I also liked the Gwyneth Paltrow one but not as much. I watched the recent mini series from the beebs and it was ok.
      I love Knightley…the whole speech about Emma bearing his lectures…aaagh makes my hair stand on end…they don’t make men like that anymore. So Abhay Deol with his girly voice is an odd choice.

      I really like what I see about Aisha…but she had better live up to the gorgeous outfits. Sonam’s acting has been at best passable.

      • And of course I forgot to mention the blatant insensitivity displayed in the movie towards not only the Muslims but the gays as well! I thought Samantha should have been jailed and done some chakki-peesing…

      • Thank God I finally found someone stating that the Kate Beckinsale version is better that the Paltrow one – I was beginning to think I was in a majority of one!

          • Also, I liked the first SATC movie, haha. It was TERRIBLE… but in a good way.
            This one was literally about nothing. AND THE WRITING, DEAR LORD!

          • I am not sure what you are disagreeing to 😉
            IN any case if you are disagreeing to the beebs being a better version….never said that. Its the Kate Beckinsale version that I was referring to. In fact the beebs version was really bad in the first half but was rescued towards the end…..hence the “ok”.
            The Kate Beckinsale version was good but the fact is no reproduction has done justice to the book….
            Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte lovers will ALWAYS fault any movie/series version…just because the language is what makes these books.
            Sigh! books and fashion make my day!
            And I maintain …the SATC movies were REALLY BAD!

        • AM the Kate Beckinsale movie is better …even the attention to the era’s fashion is very good. Gwyneth looked absurdly modern in some of the scenes……

          • And I can see why from my note you may think I thought you did not like the first movie. I am very good at assumptions and did NOT for a moment think that because you did not like the second movie you also disliked the first…. I apologize for any misconception. Nope that happiness(hating both movies) is reserved for a select few 😉

  2. the skirt on the second dress reminds me of the outfit carrie wore when she was in paris ( lying in bed waiting for the russian )

  3. Looks like another fashion mag photoshoot of her…we will get to see is there any acting skills in her other than a fashionista frm both IHLS and Aisha ……cant wait

  4. WOW!!!! Im so so loving the looks….especially the first one….can’t get over how cute sonam looks….this actually looks so much like a shoot for a fashion mag….im sure the movie’s gonna rock…wen’s it out btw???

  5. I was waiting for you to put this up. I love love love Sonam in both the dresses! She looks perfect as Emma. Hope the movie uses fashion more as prop for the characters and focuses on good story telling.

  6. love love love! Sonam’s a class apart from the other actresses when it comes to style. Love the Dior Dress..its absolutely beautiful. also love the depala gown. she is a gorgeous designer who makes gorgeous clothes. Sonam’s totally rocking both the looks…cute fun flirty! cant wait for the movie

  7. I love Sonam in both these looks! She looks gorgeous. And the gown is nothing like Carrie’s however. The style is completely different! The only similarity is that it has a full skirt!

  8. Love both the looks! The pink bag is a Jimmy Choo acrylic clutch, which I ‘heart’ a lot! The depala gown is stunning. I’m sure this movie will be high on the style mile..can’t wait!

  9. Complete love!! I really really hope the movie is good.
    Oh and why don’t more people wear Depala? I can’t wait to see more of her designs!

  10. Theres a drama on Star called Sasural Gendh Da Phool based loosely on the setting of Delhi 6 and the lead girl is a Sonam Lookalike… Now whenever I see Sonam I see the Star Plus girl!! Argh! Love Sonam (and the other girl by default!!!)

  11. simply gorgeous.. i just hope script is good and it’s not only about clothes
    ABHAY Deol is most talented actor and does not have girlish voice as someone mentioned above.
    HE is absoulte HOTTIE!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I am really excited for the movie!!!
    somehow I feel its going to be more like “clueless” ..sonam’s getup feels like Alicia Silverstone already. Hope they will make a good remake.

  13. lolz!!! just read the mirror article about ‘sonam’s copycat looks!! that’s two in the article, esp loved the reporter’s observation about the first look here ( my lord even the hair is the friggin same style!!!) and the other one HHC readers spotted of the SJP white dress with boyfriend jacket look!!.. not counting the numerous times i’ve looked at something sonam is wearin and thought,’hmmm, blair, carrie, blair, carrie?….’
    will the real indian fashionista please stand up!!!!


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