Q&A Wednesday With Shaheen Abbas


A quick Q&A with jewelry designer Shaheen Abbas…

1. Blackberry Or Iphone: Blackberry!

2. Favorite Discovery (fashion or otherwise): Roshan..my husband ;-) And, Sheena’s Chocolate Cake

3. Favorite Accessory: Bags, Looove Hoop Earings and My rings

4. First Extravagant Purchase: My Solitaire Ring

5. Most Treasured Purchase: My diamonds wthout a doubt

6. Necessary Extravagance: Business class travel/Jewellery

7. Perfume: Issey Miyake since the last 14 years.

8. Day Bag: Balenciaga/Stella McCartney/Marc Jacobs

9. Evening Bag: McQueen clutches/ Zaglaini/Nancy Gonzalez

10. Watch: Rolex/Bvlgari/Cartier

11. Jeans Or Dresses: Jeans

12. Flats Or Heels: Heels

13. Fashion Trend That Needs To Go: Short skirts over leggings… Never ever got that concept, either wear one or the other!

14. Time It Takes To Get Ready: 25-35 mins.. Depends on the occasion.

15. Your One Fashion WTHeyyy!!! Moment: Like I’am gonna tell you guys hahaha!! I’m sure you’ll figure this one out on your own (hope not)!

Shaheen Abbas

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani