In Shantanu & Nikhil

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Also bringing drama to the red carpet was Regina in her strapless Shantanu & Nikhil gown. picking up on the gold embroidery of the bust, she finished out her look with gold accessories that included a midi ring and a palm cuff.

She looked great!


Regina Cassandra at Filmfare Awards South 2015

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    • Hey Asha, you used to make dresses for your dolls? Wow even I used to make/stitch dresses and saris for my dolls from very early age to until certain age when my brother used to build and repair automobiles. Wow you took me into a beautiful part of my childhood which I almost forgot.

  1. I agree with someone above it is prom type but it does not work because she does not have the edginess to work such a gown. Some can definitely work the disney- prom dresses but she is not one of them. The raised eyebrows or however it has been shaped always gives her the permanent surprised look.


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