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Never Have I Ever is back with season 2 and we’ve already spotted Indian labels on Nalini (Poorna’s character). Who else will be binge-watching?

Poorna Jagannathan in Ikai

Poorna Jagannathan in Cuyana Sweaters

Poorna Jagannathan in Anita Dongre

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  1. Poorna is so wonderful, always refreshing to see her on screen even in that blink and miss role in Better call Saul. Lover her dress sense. Didnt care much for Season 1. I hope they drop that cousin character (Kamala?) in season 2, super annoying OTT presence

    • Poorna is the only person dressed beautifully in the show… what’s with maitreyi wearing heavy sweaters in California ????And yes Kamalas track is a bore though the work politics was relatable

  2. This show has a whole load of bad acting in it. Premise is decent but sorry…execution is terrible. Now waiting for the daggers to come out.

    But but but…I love that deep blue Ikai suit!

  3. Unrelated but missing the Indian contingent at Cannes this year…

    P&P, maybe your favourites amongst the past Cannes looks as a post for some succour?

  4. The show is just ok (beggars can’t be choosers) but why does everybody on the show have inconsistent and inaccurate accents!

  5. Why does every Indian-american show on netflix has such over emphasized regional accents, loud acting, loud expressions(don’t know how to put it but too much movement of nose lips and eyes in all possible directions).. In real life I hardly see any such expression on my mom’s face or any Indian-american that I know of .. But guess what many Indians(including P&P) are binge watching it.. Why do we support such extremely stereotypical characterization .. May be the makers always think Indians understand the humor only when accompanied with such loud acting and not good writing..

  6. I rarely comment here though I regularly read all of them. As most people said the show is overrated. It’s not just the overacting and stereotypical behavior that’s annoying but most Indian American women wear regular clothes from gap, loft or really tacky Indian wear like tshirts over churidhar tights or badly fitting kurtas with a sweater irrespective of the weather. No one is sitting around wearing Payal Khandwala or Ikai. The clothes, of course are fabulous. Lucky poorna, hope she got to keep them.

  7. Hey ladies,
    Can you also ID the brocade suit that she wears to her date please! I don’t know if its Suket Dhir, but didnt look like it was.


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