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It is interesting when designers send out their clothes from a collection yet to be presented to celebrities days in advance of their showing. Billed as a ‘sneak-peek’ in to the work to come, it gets talked about. It certainly gets blogged about (Hello!). But if we really got down to if it was necessary… That would be debatable. Undisputed is the fact however that in the age of digital everything, it leaves a footprint right away. Perhaps just what the P.R hired for the label wants.

That said, how does it serve the brand any purpose when a celebrity is spotted wearing an outfit months in advance of its showing? Does that mean that the outfit (even collection) has been in production and in the market already? So then, what purpose does the showing at a Fashion Week serve other than as a P.R and branding (not a very good one at that) exercise?

Forget months, let’s talk about a year. Ms. Reddy presented a collection that had pieces that we’ve previously seen as far back as June of last year. Kosher? We think not.

Fashion Weeks serve many purposes, no doubt there. Create a buzz and further an identity of the brand. Showcase innovation, craft, creativity and design. And perhaps most importantly, strike a relationship with the ever so important buyers. Especially true for a nascent industry like ours (we’ve earned the right to say “ours” haven’t we?). But if a collection is already doing the rounds, what purpose does it really serve? And how is it fair to the few good designers doing great work?

A pair of fashion ingénues we may be but pray tell, what are we missing here?

lfw summer resort 2013-swapnil shinde-yogesh choudhary-priyanka chopra-thoofan-aarti chabbria-mtv india vma

Far Left: Swapnil Shinde, LFW Summer/Resort 2013
Left: Aarti Chabbria At MTV Music Video Awards 2013
Right: Priyanka Chopra At Toofan Trailer Launch, Hyderabad
Far Right: Surendri, LFW Summer/Resort 2013

Left, Centre: Sonam Kapoor At Femina Womens Awards 2013 Press Meet
Far Right: Masaba For Satya Paul, WIFW A/W 2013


Left: Bipasha Basu At Her Birthday Celebrations, Goa
Right: Preeti S Kapoor, WIFW A/W 2013

anushree reddy-lfw summer resort 2013-madhuri dixit-jhalak dikhla ja launch 2012

Left: Madhuri Dixit At Jhalak Dikhla Jaa 5 Launch
Right: Anushree Reddy, LFW Summer/Resort 2013

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, Ragalahari

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  1. Very astute point raised here!

    I agree that if fashion week was supposed to be the launch pad and curtain raiser for the following season’s line, then its only fair that thats where it starts. Infact when its already seen on a celeb, it looks like there is no new line from the designer for this season (since they already showed their best peices before th season) and that they are recycling their old ware!

    • This may come as a surprise to most but, Sonam Kapoor isn’t on our mind 24×7. :p
      Her appearance skipped our mind; updated the post. Thanks for reminding!

      • i dont see the fuss everyone is making about pnp being unfair to aish or sonam… even if they are unfair.. it is their blog and they are entitled to their opinion..

      • There was no malice here….merely an observation. Glad it was corrected. However, it would seem almost impossible now to not point out that the same concept applies to using celebrities on the runway or in the front row.. They’re all obviously PR driven activities….they may or may not appeal most of the time, but I disagree that designers should be blamed for it…..lets blame the stylists shall we? Ones who are the intermediates and are aware of seasons and collections and are supposed to watch and streamline celebrity wardrobes.

  2. I concur. I think seeing some of the clothes a few days before the show is fine. Like Sonam’s Masaba sari stood out and that sort of whets your appetite.
    But using the same clothes seen on celebrities a few months or worse, a year ago is just plain lazy.


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