Throwback Thursday: Khoon Bhari Maang


Oh boy, there’s so much to talk about the 1988 film, ‘Khoon Bhari Maang’. But let’s limit ourselves to that one pivotal part of the movie- that post-makeover point in the plot-line where Fashion had as much of a starring role as Rekha did in the movie.

Rekha In Khoon Bhari Maang

All of Eighties excesses were given the ‘Bollywood’ treatment and refined down to its campiest, is-a-model-must-be-debauched vampy, glamorous essence. And quite frankly, can’t imagine anyone but Rekha braving the lamé.

Rekha In Khoon Bhari Maang

Let’s not forget the epic dance-off. Mo’ fashunn! Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I give you this-

Yes, it didn’t age well. But it’d be unfair to write off the part cringe-y-part awesome fashion in this movie. It pretty much summed up the average moviegoer’s perception of “high fashion” then and looking back, it offers a unique insight into the time. Perfect for a throwback!

Also, the lamé. So. Much. Lamé.


  1. well, if she had to do this in current day and times it would be called high fashion, quirk and all kinds of pseudo fashion progressive looks… but back then it was funny. Rekha has the virtue of doing new and being remembered for it for ages.. like how it became a topic f throwback here.

  2. Source : Wikipedia page of Khoon Bhari Maang
    “Costume Design: Abu Jani, Sandeep Khosla and Leena Daru”

    Interesting isn’t it?

  3. Oh as a kid I used to love seeing Rekha transform from a plain awkward girl to the ( supposedly ) high fashion model in this movie . But even then as a kid I’d find Sonu Walia looked sooooo good and understated when compared to Rekha .

  4. Do you know rakesh roshan deleted a complete para from “adaaaaa “ song because rekha looked so frumpy in front of sonu walia, and it seemed unfair to make rekha win.
    Btw its one of my fav fav movies, especially because of rekha’s tranny makeover full of campy costumes and glittery caterpillar hair .

    On a diff note , AJSK’s sensibilities still seem stuck in the Khoon Bhari Maang era

  5. Ok, the costumes and headgear looked hideous, but this is Rekha we’re talking about. She just has that attitude and personality to kill it.

  6. 20 years later, she still sort of looks the same. Wears similar eye and lip makeup, and has upgraded the Lame to gold Kanjeevarams.

    Stuck in time or timeless?

  7. Rekha did photoshoots too wearing such gold lamé turbans in the early 90’s I think, and those photos would hang in local tea shops and such.


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